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Cyber incidents: how to prepare and respond

Cyber security is a major risk, and therefore a top priority, for most organisations. But while technology has a leading role to play in keeping data, systems and applications safe, this should be combined with a robust approach to non-technical risks, too. Our partnership with leading law firm Mishcon De Reya means we can help you cover every base – before, during and after a breach.

Your challenge

The extent of the damage caused by any cybersecurity incident is heavily influenced by the timespan between detection and response. If a business doesn’t have the infrastructure, information or resources to react quickly and securely, it is very difficult to respond properly, or to communicate and escalate in the right manner.

To understand whether you have this capability in-house, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you able to easily put security issues in context, and prioritise them accordingly?
  • Do key stakeholders have clear visibility of incident information?
  • Are you unable to get cyber security insurance, therefore heightening the importance of fast incident response?
  • Do you have documented plans and policies, and are they successfully practised, and then implemented in the event of an incident?

If your answers are no to all or most of these questions, then partnering with a cyber security incident response provider for their solutions and expertise is essential.

How SCC can help

SCC, in partnership with Mishcon De Reya, is able to provide support across several vital cyber incident response capabilities:

  • Incident Response: we can help you quickly detect and halt attacks, so that the impact of them is minimised, and prevent other attacks of the same type in the future. We do this by collecting digital evidence across the first 24 hours of an issue to understand what has happened and what actions therefore need to be taken
  • Incident Recovery: we can give you advice on remediation plans so that you learn lessons from a breach, and minimise the risk of it happening again
  • Cyber Consulting: our experienced team of consultants can identify potential problems, evaluate security issues, assess areas of risk, and put the right solutions in place
  • Response Preparation: we can ensure you’re ready to react through incident response plans and (if required) training exercises
  • Investigations and Threat Intelligence: we analyse data to gain meaningful insights into threats, both existing and emerging, to help mitigate the risks to your organisation

Our services

  • Retained Incident Response
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Digital Forensics
  • Cyber Consultancy
  • Ransomware Readiness Reviews
  • Ethical Hacking Services
  • Cyber Strategy Assessments
  • Supply Chain Management Assessments

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