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SCC Innovation: supporting the UK industrial strategy and NHS long term plan.

Helping SCC’s customers to focus on emerging technologies, such as AI, Robotics, IoT and Data Analytics as a fundamental element and transform products, services & culture through digital disruption. As we develop skills and apply such innovation we expect a resulting improvement in productivity across all industries.

Innovation – the essential eight

Artificial Intelligence

$15 trillion market – Europe is 20% of that market

Augmented Reality

24% of companies will make significant investments in AR

Virtual Reality

7% of companies will make investments in VR – 15% in 3 yrs


21% have not started or have stopped – 79% have started


5% have started drone projects – 14% will start projects in 3 yrs


73% of companies are making IoT investments today


31% of companies will make significant investments in robotics

3D Printing

Active in 29% of healthcare, 35% of auto and 29% of product companies

Innovation solutions at SCC

Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT is the connection of billions of devices across networks where data is collected, shared and analysed.

Why it is important?

IoT will give enterprises access to more data about their own products and assets which will help change the way they operate. We have developed an IoT ecosystem to provide a complete end-to-end solution for our customers.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI will redefine all areas of society using the convergence of people, process and technology. In business, AI learns patterns in data to automate tasks, helping organisations to improve productivity at every stage of the business lifecycle.

Why it is important?

Artificial Intelligence underpins the foundation for many of today’s emerging technologies. AI is an over-used term but it is under-utilised efficiently. At SCC we are ensuring that our client’s data is being transformed tactically as well as strategically. Long-term decision-making is driven by your data and we will help you unlock that value.

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Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
RPA is an emerging form of business process automation technology that automates and standardises repeatable business processes.

Why it is important?

RPA is at the heart of an organisation’s digital transformation, creating automation of the repetitive back-office processes, providing for cost savings and customer satisfaction.

As RPA leverages AI technology, this will drive greater value, paving the way for new trends in business process technology and improving efficiency and productivity with enhanced accuracy.
Blockchain is pioneering transparent and difficult-to-hack records of transactions and business processes where users control how records of information are stored and amended.

Why it is important?

Where the internet gave the world information, blockchain will usher in the age of digital ownership. In blockchain, all network participants share the same documents, reducing duplicates and copies. These documents are controlled by permissions and role-access requirements giving trusted access to data across an internal or external network.

Blockchain will disrupt and transform traditional business models utilising AI and IoT, providing business benefits such as greater transparency, improved traceability, speed of transactions, reduced costs and enhance security.
Predictive health and social care
Predictive healthcare works with AI to learn from historical data analytics to predict the best decisions for an individual’s personalised care.

Why it is important?

With AI, the hundreds of millions of data points will be able to accurately predict trends across healthcare conditions. This will lead to more successful diagnoses often before they are presented.

With improved diagnostics, predictive care technology will give health and social care providers the ability to monitor the health of patients and service users, improving diagnostic and post hospital outcomes. Ultimately, it will shift the focus from a product to a value-based care system.

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IoT Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking is the process of ensuring you capture key data information about your organisation’s assets. These assets could be anything from heavy machinery and equipment, to small tools and devices, to even tracking people. Asset tracking devices can be attached to things like: boxes, pallets, machines, vehicles, tools, personnel and even manufacturing assembly lines.

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The Future

Healthcare Innovation

SCC launches it’s first Healthcare Innovation Hub with South Warwickshire Foundation Trust & Coventry University.

This exciting project is the first of its kind for SCC, an Industry Technology Integrator working with Academia and an Operational Hospital Trust to identify opportunities to deliver better healthcare or operational efficiencies by applying cutting edge technology such as IoT, Robotics, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.


The first 5G services were launched in multiple cities across the UK in 2019, introducing faster download speeds and better responsiveness than current 4G services. The new technology is exciting not only because of the faster speeds for consumers and business users, but also because it enables a broad set of unique capabilities and use cases that will benefit a variety of industrial sectors. 

5G will not only revolutionise the consumer mobile market, it will enable ubiquitous connectivity for many business applications from across the UK Industry spectrum and therefore will challenge current networking technologies, capabilities and services.

For SCC, 5G will help to create a structured framework to unleash the potential of the Internet of Things, Smart Buildings, Smart Campuses & Smart Spaces as well as the future connected car and vehicle to Infrastructure communications.