Challenges we are seeing

How do we comply with regulations?

Take a systematic approach to security and compliance with a fully developed cyber security risk strategy.

Managing security, risk and compliance

With ever-tightening regulations around data protection and cyber security, and the increased risk of attack, keeping business IT compliant has never been more important. Do you have all the skills and resources you need to audit processes and control, and maintain constant compliance?

Your challenge

If digital transformation is to succeed, it needs to avoid introducing more security risks to the systems, data and applications within a business. To achieve this, security should be embedded into the transformation effort from day one: this is why security is second only to the cloud in terms of digital transformation investment priorities.

When looking at security in the context of digital transformation, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Should I prioritise security over compliance, or vice versa?
  • How can my processes be adapted, so that they are reliable, secure and are mitigating risk?
  • How can I draw up an effective roadmap to ensure security, risk and compliance are all front-and-centre of my transformation?

If you are uncertain about your answers to any of these, or feel you need help in addressing them, then leveraging third-party expertise is vital.

How SCC can help

At SCC, we have a range of tools and support services that can help you integrate robust security, risk mitigation and compliance into every part of your IT estate. We also work with a number of trusted partners that deliver consultancy services, helping you make better decisions and enabling the integration of security risk management into your wider business strategy.

Our services

  • Audits: we can audit all the existing controls you have in place for Cyber Essentials and for ISO27001
  • Certifications: we are accredited to certify organisations that meet the requirements of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus
  • Roadmaps: we will work closely with you to develop security, risk and compliance roadmaps that make sense for your business, and help you implement any new controls
  • Tool Implementation: our wide range of tooling options means we can supply and deploy whatever you need to meet your new requirements

Our solutions

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