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How do we manage supply chain risk?

Mitigating supply chain vulnerabilities and ensuring operational resilience.

Proactively identify, assess, and address potential risks throughout your supply chain

In today’s interconnected global marketplace, managing supply chain risk is crucial for businesses of all sizes. This introduces the risk of supplier disruptions, such as production delays, quality issues, or even supplier bankruptcies. Any disruption in the supply chain can have a ripple effect, impacting production schedules, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance.

Your challenge

Organisations need to proactively identify and manage supply chain risks.

Here are some key reasons why supply chain risk is a concern:

  • Demand volatility: Market demand can be highly volatile and difficult to predict accurately.
  • Quality and compliance issues: Maintaining product quality and complying with regulatory requirements are crucial for organisations across various industries.
  • Cyber security and data breaches: In the digital era, supply chains rely heavily on interconnected systems and data exchange. This increased reliance on technology exposes organisations to the risk of cybersecurity threats and data breaches.
  • Complex networks: Organisations often have complex networks of suppliers spanning different countries and regions. Disruptions in one part of the world can quickly propagate throughout the supply chain, leading to inventory shortages and increased costs.

Our services

Our end-to-end Supply Chain Services have typically minimised costs and maximised performance for organisations over their contract period.

  • Procurement: Work with you to reduce the cost of end-to-end IT procurement and associated services, dealing independently with more than 1,000 suppliers.
  • Storage: Our bonded warehousing solution enables you to secure stock against your project requirement and utilise the services of our National Distribution Centre.
  • Configuration: Capability to bench and build 700,000 devices annually, we can help you to decrease time-to-desk and place a higher focus on core business activity.
  • Recycling: We manage IT asset disposal risk, turning the burden of compliance into real cost-savings, in accordance with the WEEE Directive, via our award-winning National Distribution Centre.
  • Data Security: Our continual investment and commitment to security is reflected within our extensive accreditation portfolio.

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