Cyber Assessment Framework 360

Start your journey towards a new level of security and protection

Adaptation is vital for the growth and success of every business today. In particular, the ability to respond to and protect against rising cyber security threats is vital to avoid disruption.

All organisations in every sector are vulnerable to cyber attacks. According to official Government statistics, 39% of UK businesses were subject to cyber attacks in 2022, while as many as 31% were targeted as often as once a week. Making the act of defence even more complicated is the fact that the risk is evolving all the time: different threats like ransomware have emerged in recent years, as well as state-backed operations with deep expertise and resources to support malicious activity.

To understand how best to protect data, systems and applications against the threats of today and tomorrow, you must first establish where your security provision has gaps to be filled and improvements to be made.

Common cybersecurity challenges

Every organisation and industry is different, but there are three common areas where many businesses and enterprises struggle in their security provision:

  • Detecting events and mitigating impact: if the wrong decisions are made regarding security measures, then it’s more likely that detection systems won’t pick up on all attacks, and malicious activity can slip through the net and disrupt operations
  • Risk management: the ability to understand, assess and manage security risks is hindered by a lack of organisational structures, policies and processes
  • Attack protection: without the right solutions and services in place, the capabilities of defences is limited, and your essential functions and data could be compromised more easily

Your first step on the road to better security

SCC’s Cyber Assessment Framework 360 is designed to transform your approach to cybersecurity and digital strategy. The assessment generates a high-level snapshot of security provision, so that you can get a fast and accurate view of your key capabilities, identify areas of concern, and gain recommendations for action and improvement. The assessment takes just a few minutes: it generates not only an instant performance dashboard, but also an executive report that can support you when making your case to key decision-makers in your organisation.

Why take the SCC Cyber Assessment Framework 360?

  • Enhance your digital strategy: gain a clearer understanding of your current security position, and get expert advice on where you can make improvements
  • Identify cost efficiencies: pinpoint areas of overspending or under-utilisation, so you can ensure you get the most effective security at the best possible value
  • Drive competitive advantage: gain an edge in your industry by adopting best practices, and understand new trends and innovations that can help you do more with less, and do it faster
  • Quantify results and performance: implementing the recommendations from the assessment gives you the means of measuring progress all the time, and charting your improvements with tangible KPIs
  • Enable long-term success: partnering with SCC gives you a chance to establish a lasting relationship, and gain from ongoing support, updates, and fast access to new technologies

Your perfect partner for stronger security

When you partner with SCC, you’re working with a leading expert in business IT security that has been supporting businesses like yours for more than four decades. We are one of a select few providers that have the status of Microsoft Security Solutions Partner, meaning we can deliver managed security services of the highest quality, backed by advanced specialisations and technology.

We can take the information from your Cyber Assessment Framework 360 to tailor solutions that meet the specific needs of your business, workforce and customers. Furthermore, we work closely with your teams to mitigate risk, educate team members and enable lasting transformation that benefits you in the long-term.

To start your journey towards better cybersecurity across your organisation, take the Cyber Assessment Framework 360 today – and feel free to contact us directly for more information.

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