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SCC’s Software Asset Lifecycle Management solutions can unlock agility and maintain control for your organisation’s software strategy.

At SCC, we believe that true business flexibility comes from having the visibility and control of your Software Assets and Cloud Deployments.

We’ll help you use the best in software asset lifecycle management and cloud consumption methodologies and tooling to optimise your current operations. We will ensure you have the correct processes, software tooling and services to deliver the greatest ROI.

Select and buy the right software solutions for your business and open up to new software possibilities with total freedom and control.

Maintain control of your software assets


Cost Savings and Cost Efficiencies

Driving down the cost of the software and IT budget are now commonplace in all customer requirements.


IT Asset Visibility

Being able to track and monitor all assets to ensure optimised use and harvesting/refresh cycles can be better managed.


Stakeholder Integration

Ensuring IT asset data can be used across InfoSec, HR, ITOps, ITSM.


Value Added Services

Customers expect resellers to deliver levels of service over and above procurement as complementary.

How we approach your software asset lifecycle management

Open approach. Open mind.

How we champion agility

We support your hybrid environment

We implement solutions on-premises, from data centres or from any public cloud provider, or a mixture of these.

We use smart partnerships

No one partner has all the best expertise – we seek out and integrate the best technologies we can find.

We stay independent

We believe in matching the right SALM technology to your organisation and giving you the choice to use the tools that suits you best.

SCC Software brochure

Save time. Save money. Maintain control.

SCC Software brochure

SCC’s agile software solutions, helping organisations thrive in a flexible, collaborative, self-organising, fast changing environment.



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