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Giving on-premise environments all the advantages of cloud As multi-cloud becomes the norm, organisations are finding that the number and size of their workloads are increasing all the time. On-premise data centres are often preferable for running these workloads, for a number of different reasons, including budgets, bandwidth, latency, data privacy, technical complexity and regulatory compliance. However, these workloads can still be enhanced by cloud services – which is where the partnership of SCC and VMware comes into its own. SCC and VMware work together to deliver the vSphere+™ multi-cloud workload platform to our customers. This allows us to ensure that businesses get all the benefits of cloud in their on-premise environments, and empower admins, developer teams and decision-makers alike to maximise the value of their IT infrastructure. SCC’s rich expertise facilitates easy implementation and ongoing support, so that the transition towards cloud services is smooth and all the potential benefits can be realised.

VMware’s vSphere+™ brings together industry-leading virtualisation, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment, and quality cloud services. That way, on-premise deployments can become SaaS-enabled infrastructure that can easily be built, run, managed and secured. Available through a flexible subscription plan, it’s the most cost-effective way to transform on-premise environments.

Boost productivity With a single cloud console that centralises management and governance, operational efficiency and team productivity can be boosted substantially. From the console, vCenter lifecycle management can be simplified, centralising tasks through a single management plane. Accelerate innovation Escalate the speed and efficiency of application development and deployment through a Kubernetes API surface. Multi-cloud management can also increase both the security and governance of all Kubernetes clusters, and existing virtual infrastructure can easily be transformed into a platform that’s self-service and enterprise-ready. Transform on-premise Easy subscription streamlines deployment for new customers, whilst existing deployments can benefit from upgrades and add-on hybrid cloud services. Improve your capabilities around disaster recovery, ransomware protection and capacity planning through optional add-ons, without any disruption to your existing workloads. Realise the benefits of cloud with expert support from SCC and VMware When you partner with SCC and VMware, you benefit from a shared belief that multi-cloud solutions have the ability to redefine IT across every application. Together we can help your business meet their specific industry needs, implementing VMware’s advanced multi-cloud workload platform to see you become more productive, more innovative and better-prepared for the IT challenges of the future. Multi-cloud made easy Download our datasheet and discover in detail how SCC and VMware can help you unlock the potential of your on-premise infrastructure.

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