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There are many questions to answer when embarking on a cloud journey.

Cloud Readiness Assessments help organisations answer these questions. They provide a holistic view of your estate, focussing on the challenges, costs and risks associated with adopting public cloud.

Your Challenges

Do you lack the resources to adopt cloud services effectively and at scale?

Are you having problems training, hiring and retaining the necessary expertise required – particularly when IT budgets are stretched?

Who can provide you with expert professionals who have the right skills including cloud architecture, security and performance optimisation?

Do you have the necessary security and compliance critical for your organisation, ensuring visibility across your IT infrastructure?

Our Solutions

  • Creating the right environment – Getting you ready to receive enterprise workloads, including networking, security, backups, monitoring and identity and access.
  • Migration – Migrating application services to the public cloud across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.
  • Ongoing Support – Providing you with continuous operational support and feedback once workloads are live.

How we do things

We assess your entire application landscape and related areas including financial, business, operational and environmental factors.

Following our cloud feasibility study you will receive a report that provides guidance on the suitability of existing applications to move to the public cloud, areas of potential quick wins and budgetary figures for migration.

Our assessment solutions offer a review of your application architecture and lifecycle, a benchmarking of your existing application services, feedback on an application’s suitability for public cloud, early analysis on the most appropriate target architecture and a report on costs to create, migrate and operate a public cloud.

Business Benefits

  • Cost EffectiveSave time and money by understanding what applications will benefit most from moving to the cloud, and any of the complexities involved.

  • Mitigate RiskReduce risk and wastage with a tailored cost/benefit analysis on public cloud providers’ consumption.

  • PlanningMake intelligent decisions with estimated costs for the migration effort and timescales.


  • ExpertsDedicated team of experts to assist in every area of your networking strategy.

  • SupportOur team provides support throughout.

  • By your sideThrough the entire process, from the initial consultation, through to contracting, design, implementation, management, support and optimisation.

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