IBM Containerisation – The Future of IT Infrastructure Webinar – 24/03 @ 11:00

Join our webinar and find out why containerisation is the future of your IT infrastructure

Title: Containerisation – The Future of IT Infrastructure
Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2020
Time: 11:00AM GMT
Duration: 30 minutes

As your customers business’ operations start to grow, so do their IT systems. This in itself can present challenges and put immense pressure on their IT infrastructure when trying to meet business-critical objectives. Particular points of pressure that you may be facing can include:

– Increase of IT infrastructure costs
– Need for rapid application development – true DevOps
– Need for portability of workloads in a Hybrid Cloud environment.

This webinar seeks to explain how SCC can address these issues using Containers and the Red Hat OpenShift technology.

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