Software Smart Buying

Lower cost, better insight
Software Smart Buying by SCC helps you understand your software estate and licensing risk – achieving transparency, cost predictability and control. We enable you to pre-empt nasty surprises and save you money across all your business software assets.

By partnering with us, you can proactively manage the risk of non-compliancy, save money through effective use of licensing and encourage business growth through the correct utilisation of your existing estate.

What is Software Smart Buying?

The software buying process is difficult. Often businesses don’t know what licenses they’ve bought, what they need, or if they’re getting true value for money. Then there is the question of compliance and the risk of hefty fines for not having control over your software estate. Software Smart Buying is SCC’s approach to giving you full transparency. Our expert consultants help you regain control and Software Smart Buying ensures you keep it.

Software Smart Buying will help you:

  • Predict software and licensing costs and avoid nasty surprises
  • Lower total annual costs by up to 23%
  • Eradicate risks associated with software deployment
  • Manage the software lifecycle and transition process
  • Enable full visibility across your entire software estate

What Does Software Smart Buying Include?

Software Smart Buying is broken into four main services, delivered as a one-off project or as part of an ongoing managed service from SCC, CRN’s Managed Services Provider of the Year 2015.

Each service answers a different question around your software license entitlement, usage, reconciliation, and renewals management.


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