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The combination of post Brexit outcome and recovery from COVID-19 is placing the UK Government under unique pressure.

Citizens understandably demand and expect a modernised set of services, and to live in a safe and prosperous country. The government is attempting to deliver this with limited funding and often unsuitable commercial arrangements. It is against this backdrop that SCC demonstrates its value and experience by offering relevant technology services supported by solid group investment, a unique set of partners and payment options.

What our customers say


When we embarked on delivering our modern End User Computing on Windows 10 we knew we needed to find a partner with the breadth and depth of capability and experience to make this a reality. I am really pleased to say that SCC are that partner. They provide us with a reliable supply chain and the services necessary to deliver, upskill and support our staff through this change. The SCC team have delivered on the first phase of this programme and we are now scaling this out to our entire user base of up to 4,000 staff.


Paul Batchelor
Technical Architect – Digital Services,
Department for Transport


Understanding the complexities of modern day software licensing is a highly regarded skill set. A skill set that SCC, a partner we have worked with for over 12 years, has in abundance. They have worked with us on the discovery and validation of our software estate, helping us to negotiate new and efficient master agreements with one of our leading software vendors. SCC provided the necessary resources through their software solutions specialist to help us develop comprehensive business case options to support the licensing of our cloud-based infrastructure. They are our trusted licensing advisor and we look forward to continuing to work with them as our software estate evolves.


Claire Hughes
Category Lead,
Procurement & Commercial Group, HM Land Registry

Your challenges

Citizens’ expectations have increased – they want easy access and better faster services

Empower agencies, local governments, organisations and citizens with effective collaboration, connected services and data sharing

How to modernise the infrastructure and take advantage of digital innovations including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and Cloud services

How to tackle inequality across society and ensure citizens have access to support, services and opportunities which improve their quality of life

Enhance protection of citizen data and improve cyber defence as services and systems become increasingly connected

How to prioritise and champion Environmental Social Governance (ESG) factors across all Government operations and procurement processes to deliver more sustainable citizen services

Our key Central Government solutions

To remain competitive, central government organisations need to become more agile and drive cost savings. The current economic and regulatory climate, as well as changes in constituent and employee expectations are driving transformation in central government organisations. However, at a time when margins need to be protected, investing in IT equipment which rapidly becomes outdated is not high on the agenda of many organisations, despite the benefits.

SCC’s Payment Solutions allows central government organisations to utilise the latest IT innovations by designing a payment profile which aligns their technology project requirements with their available budget, with a predictable monthly cost.

Anything as a Service

Central government organisations that are currently trapped by their legacy infrastructure can avoid sweating assets by using SCC’s ‘as a Service’ consumption model. The solution incorporates all the intrinsic steps in the lifecycle of any IT asset and provides them on a simple ‘cost per asset’ basis.

Device as a Service (DVaaS)

Our DVaaS solution encompasses the full lifecycle of IT asset procurement including catalogue management and purchases, configuration, delivery, maintenance, support and decommissioning and recycling.

Room as a Service

SCC Collaboration design, install, configure, test, provide training and deliver ongoing support for video conferencing enabled meeting rooms via a monthly subscription.

Software Payment Agreement (SPA)

Many vendors offer multi-year discounts for software purchases, however they require companies to pay the whole cost up front. The SCC SPA solution allows organisations to take advantage of these discounts whilst continuing to pay for them on an annual basis.

The benefits

  • Safeguard spending and take advantage of predictable monthly costs.
  • Build a competitive edge by aligning IT to business objectives.
  • Contribute to sustainability objectives and circular economy through recycling of IT.
  • Embrace the benefits of regular technology refreshes, ensuring the latest innovations are being utilised.

Legacy IT infrastructures are challenging central government agencies who need to transition to the hybrid and remote working structure, expected by today’s modern workforce. Addressing the challenges this causes is being exacerbated by supply chain issues and component shortages, which make it difficult to access the technology required to remain operational.

SCC hold the highest level of accreditation with our vendor partners and suppliers and have established key relationships at both distribution and reseller level. Our massive stockholding enables fast configuration and delivery. For central government customers, this means we can guarantee access to technology and obtain it with preferential pricing and higher levels of vendor support.

Product Supply

Our asset management system Lifecycle™ helps central government organisations to reduce the administrative and transactional cost of purchasing IT equipment through a pre-defined catalogue of products available to order by the end user, with approval processes built in.


SCC will configure the device at our National Distribution Centre, which has the capacity to roll out 780,000 configured devices annually and process up to 1,000 builds per shift. Services include comprehensive configuration, image management and asset tagging for laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices, servers and switches.

Recycling Services

To meet compliance requirements and ensure the safe destruction of data carrying devices to protect sensitive information, central government organisations need to work with an approved, secure recycler. SCC offer a number of recycling services including data erasure/ destruction, full device destruction/recycling or an option to remarket and redeploy kit back into the organisation. For organisations with enhanced security protocols we can recycle devices on the customer site.

The benefits

  • Access to a reliable supply of IT equipment to meet project requirements.
  • Support sustainability and net-zero ambitions.
  • Mitigate the risk of price increases, with secured stock in advance and bulk buying discounts.
  • Redeploy devices into estate or remarket them to maximise value from investment.

SCC Professional Services can provide a wide range of general, vendor independent consultancy services that can address a myriad of central government requirements. Our architects and consultants have extensive experience of delivering consultancy services for central government organisations of differing sizes enabling them to offer genuine, real-world insight and experience to our customers.

Digitalisation, a shifting international landscape and budgetary pressures are all adding to the need for central government organisations to evolve at pace. Central to seizing the opportunities hidden within this complex environment are large-scale innovation and transformation.

By exploiting the opportunities and managing the risks of digital technology, we deliver innovative and award-winning services based on the latest technology, training central government teams to achieve ongoing success.

SCC’s Strategic Consultancy Practice can advise customers in the following focus areas:

  • Digital Workplace – Desktop transformation, Microsoft 365, configuration management application delivery, VDI, MDM, technology adoption.
  • Enterprise Solutions – Data centre modernisation, server/compute, storage, backup, virtualisation, converged and hyper-converged solutions.
  • Network and Network Security – LAN, WAN and WLAN, software defined networks, next generation firewalls, IDS/IPS, identity and network access services.

Our consultants can deliver a broad range of services including:

  • Technical presales support for complex and multi-tower engagements.
  • Review and definition of a customer’s strategic principles.
  • Review and development of an existing IT strategy.
  • Maturity assessments, either targeted or wide scope.
  • Assess the current state (as is) of a customer’s environment and help define the desired future state (to be).
  • Create a technology roadmap that details the journey to the future state.
  • Define and govern technology transformation programmes and complex service migration.
  • Complete cost assessment and transformation exercises.

The benefits

  • Access industry expertise to ensure the success of technology investments and projects.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and process improvement.
  • Develop IT strategies which align to the organisation’s objectives.

SCC has been providing network solutions to central government for over 20 years, amassing a huge range of experience in the industry. In an ever-changing digital landscape, central government agencies and departments are being challenged to deliver focused services to ever more demanding citizens. Additionally, a move to flexible working is challenging the underlying infrastructure of central government organisations as their employees need to interact and collaborate effectively, from any location.

Local Area Network (LAN)

The LAN is the bedrock of the network, as a stable, reliable and scalable solution is needed. The management of the network is a key consideration for SCC, with newer technologies offering automation of various tasks to streamline day to day standard central government network functions. SCC has a range of options for the LAN to ensure that it underpins central government now and into the future.


Wireless has become the standard connectivity medium for most users. Whether it be corporate central government users or guests trying to access the network. SCC aims to provide a ubiquitous coverage across an entire organisation.


Wide Area Networks are a staple of any central government organisation connecting the various offices and buildings together has been a requirement for many years, but SD-WAN now offers an alternative approach, where underlay technologies such as direct internet access, not only offers better value for money, but a better architecture for today’s central government in their new cloud connected world.

The benefits

  • SCC’s approach offers an extension and evolution of the network infrastructure.
  • The managed service ensures cost savings, tailored solutions and enhanced security capabilities.
  • Embrace flexible, reliable solutions designed to get the most out of investments.
  • Enable access to AI and Robotic Process Automation technology with cost savings.

Government organisations are challenged to do more with less, to deliver front line services to their customers with diminishing financial resources. This is exacerbated by the recent move to hybrid working.

SCC Collaboration’s services combine audio and videos services with unique payment and support solutions to give our central government customers a collaboration platform which maximises productivity and communication between departments, employees and citizens.

Our Collaboration Services for central government include:

Collaboration Spaces

Our video conferencing systems connect government employees from multiple locations removing the expense and time consumed by travelling to meetings. The rooms can also connect government agencies to citizens through virtual town halls and other similar events.

Intelligent Workplace

Intelligent workplace solutions empower employees and citizens to drive efficiency and productivity. Digital signage and video wall solutions can display service information to citizens in administrative service halls, lobbies and public walkways, allowing them to interact effectively with government offices.

As a Service Solutions

Accelerating collaboration strategies through consumption-based payment models designed to suit the government agencies budget and free up cash for investments. Our consumption services include:

  • Room as a Service – Designed, configured and installed in line with room requirements and then managed and refreshed as required.
  • Voice as a Service – Government organisations can benefit from migrating on-premise telephony estates to a cloud solution which is consumed as a service.

Contact Centres

Our contact centre solutions include full delivery and support services that include integration with market leading desktop software. Citizens can contact the government department, either by phone, email, chat or social media to quickly access the support they need.

The benefits

  • Utilise a modern unified communications strategy which is supported by an expert partner.
  • Cost savings and release funding to reinvest into improving services.
  • Enhanced security encryption to protect government data.
  • Support hybrid working with enhanced collaboration between employees and citizens.

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