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Inject cash from your IT assets back into your business.

SCC will purchase the assets you are still using and return valuable capital back into your organisation at an agreed value. These assets can then continue to be used by you, at the same time accelerating your transition from a CAPEX procurement model to an OPEX model.

Having released capital from your IT estate we can then plan and structure the refresh of these assets to remove the risk of device obsolescence and maintain uniformity in how the legacy estate and new estate is managed.


Capital Injection

Injection of capital that can be used on core projects that provide a greater level of return for your organisation.

Support Environmental Objectives

Unlock the circular economy. When you have finished using the technology, SCC will collect the assets and recycle or remarket them securely.

Simplified IT Management

Free up IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives that move the company forward, better serve customers and meet competitive challenges.

Increased User Satisfaction

Maximise productivity from your workforce through accessing the latest technologies ensuring staff retention.

All Inclusive Monthly Charge

Achieve budget harmony by predicting future spend.

Vendor Independent

SCC is vendor independent, so can map the most suitable technology and payment model to your needs.

We are experts at supporting customers in the transition from a Capex procurement model to an Opex model with set refresh dates and the ability to predict future spend. We can deliver a consumption based model across all areas of technology from end user compute through to data centre services. Our agile and flexible payment solutions support customers to mitigate budget limitations and avoid technology obsolescence.

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