Introducing Veritas SaaS Backup

Veritas SaaS Backup is a cloud-hosted, comprehensive, cost-effective, easy-to-use solution designed specifically to protect data in companies’ growing SaaS portfolios.

Veritas takes a unified approach to backing up, retrieving and securing SaaS solutions that meet today’s digital transformation challenges.

The Veritas SaaS Backup solution provides secure, end-to-end data protection across the entire Office 365 portfolio and beyond. This solution puts you in charge of your own cloud-based SaaS data with protection across various SaaS workloads. Veritas SaaS gives you better data insights for anytime, anywhere access and instant restore capabilities with a simple click.

Why is data protection needed for SaaS applications?

  • “Cloud-based data and applications must be backed up, it is the subscriber’s duty” – ESG
  • SaaS application providers do not guarantee customer data protection. They focus on application uptime and are responsible for network, hardware and OS; not customer data
  • Customers need to protect against human error, accidental deletions and ransomware as well as ensure recoverability and meet compliance
  • Having no backup is risky and can lead to: permanent data loss, non-compliance, high cost and no control

Explore the extensive Veritas SaaS features below. 

Interact with your Data

  • A great overview – View your documents, images and videos on any device
  • Sharing – Easily and securely share data with colleagues or external partners
  • Collaboration – Collaborate securely without limiting your productivity
  • Version control and restore – Access and restore your data on any device with your user account
  • Search – Find your stuff easily and quickly with our search functionality
  • Automated synchronisation – Changes to your data will be synchronised across all devices

Reliable Cloud Service

  • Secure – All communication and data storage is encrypted, hosted at ISAE 3402 certified hosting centres, and monitored 24/7 in detail
  • Cloud Connector – Easy setup and backup of your existing cloud services. Currently supporting Office 365, Google G-Suite and salesforce
  • Restricted Access – Limit features and access for selected users or groups
  • User management – Gain a complete overview and management of users and sub-users. Users can be created and removed on the fly

Business Features

  • Audit – Log any access to your content and provide a full audit trail if it is required by your policies
  • Statistics – Overview of how much data is being backed up, stored and shared across your organisation
  • Support – We offer world-class support to all users. How you want it, when you want it. We are here to make sure you get the most out of it
  • Insights – A transparent overview of interrupted or stopped backups, ensuring that you can see that all relevant data has been secured


For more information, please contact Rachel Snowdon at [email protected]

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