Birmingham Airport use SCC

Birmingham Airport Case Study from SCC on Vimeo.

It’s one of the busiest airports in the UK, with more than 12.9 million passengers travelling through it in 2017, and when Birmingham Airport required an IT refresh they put their trust in SCC.

“Our original requirement was to replace our existing IT equipment, which was end of life storage and virtualise solutions,” says Wayne Smith, Director of IT and Information Security at Birmingham Airport. “Having worked with SCC for such a long time, they understand the constraints of working with a major airport. They appreciate our stringent project management criteria and the way we need to work 24 hours a day.”

SCC began work on this IT overhaul and analysed in depth different technology side-by-side to ensure the right fit for the airport’s future.

“We worked with SCC and developed a relationship with our account manager. The solution we implemented was an IBM V7000 service storage cluster running in high availability mode,” says Wayne.

The new infrastructure SCC provided for Birmingham Airport was highly resilient, but with it came a large technology leap from what they were already using. However, Birmingham Airport but its trust in SCC to guide it through the process, with SCC providing support every step of the way.

Lucy Powell, account manager at SCC said, “Birmingham Airport work on the principles of doing things differently to challenge the status quo of concepts, technologies and solutions for the airport. Innovation is really at the forefront of their minds and SCC is able to align perfectly to this strategy and thinking.”

Wayne said, “The project has been a total success. It was delivered on time and on budget. More importantly, the way in which the project was managed meant we would have known very early on if it was going off track at all.”

He added, “If had to describe SCC in three words I would say professional, flexible and partnership.”

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