Meeting the future demands on your networks.

With an exponential surge in the workforce having to work remotely and many still doing so now, organisations have and continue to scale network requirements to help with increased traffic whilst equipping remote workers with enhanced collaboration tools and ensuring cyber security.

As the UK gradually returns to work, we are not returning to the same environment we left. Organisations must plan to maintain support for an entirely remote workforce well into the future, despite signs of recovery.

Your Challenges

Network Policy
Organisations should be reviewing and updating network policies to reflect a new working environment and address the new homebased workforce.


Software Defined Networking
Establishing a foothold in cloud computing to enable more automation and policy-based management of network resources.


Security and Access Solutions
Securing your company information and data, regardless of device or access location.


WiFi Connectivity
Deploying and operating WiFi networks that are scalable and able to support customers’ demands and provide high quality user experience.


Remote Connectivity
Optimising the remote working experience with better scalability.


The Office Network
Simplifying location services by bringing solutions together onto a single cloud platform, in partnership with leading network vendors.


Multi-Cloud Networking
Bringing multiple cloud computing and storage services into a single network architecture.

Our Solutions

  • Network Consulting Services
  • Enterprise Networking
  • Data Centre Networking
  • Software Defined Networking
  • Network Security
  • Wide Area Networking
  • Network Management and Automation
  • Unified Communications
  • Network Support Service
  • Managed LAN and Wireless Service
  • Managed WAN Service
  • Managed Cloud Connect

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Key Benefits

Achieve desired business performance outcomes with faster networks, improved resilience, network services and management.

Lower costs with reduced network installation time and more flexible service level agreements for network maintenance and support.

Reduce risk and improve security across your network infrastructure.

Deliver better end user experiences through contextual insights.

Automate IT processes and enhance application experiences.


How we do things



We conduct a thorough assessment of your network, what actions need to be taken and what future direction the infrastructure should take.



Following our assessment we help you to grow, adapt and change your network designs to suit your business needs.



We build a bespoke strategy that supports you, identifying the technologies that work best for your organisation.



We provide effective management of your network and security, allowing you to focus on running your business.



We undertake regular health checks, ensuring your networks are prepared for the complex technologies and demands of a modern IT infrastructure.

Why SCC?


SCC’s Networks and Communications solutions help organisations discover, design, supply, implement, manage and optimise networks, tailored to the exact needs of the organisation based on many years of experience across all industries in the public and private sectors. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the speed
at which we helped customers scale in order to adapt quickly to fundamental change is testament to our experience and expertise.


We have been implementing networks for over 15 years, amassing a wealth of experience across different market segments, so we can advise you on the best route forward. We understand the challenges that many organisations face and are ready to work with you to help resolve these with the right blend of technology and services.


We have a vast portfolio of solutions from some of the markets leading vendors, so we are able to provide the right option to meet your requirements. We take time to work with you, to look at the options and come up with a solution to meet your exact requirements.


We care about our customers; we want to build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with you to really allow you to lean on our expertise and help you deliver for your organisation. We are made up of people that really care about customer outcomes.


We are flexible in our approach, ensuring we work with you in the way you need. We have a range of purchase options, from CapEx to multiple finance options and service contracts.


We take an independent view of the market to ensure we are proposing the right solution for you and your business. We have a substantial range of understanding and knowledge of the market, the technologies involved and, importantly, how to integrate these to a solution to meet your business requirements.

Networks & Communications BROCHURE

Meeting the future demands on your networks

SCC Networks and Communications brochure


Download SCC’s most recent Networks and Communications brochure which includes results from our pre- and post- COVID-19 Networks and Communications IT Insights survey in which we surveyed 550 IT decision-makers from 11 different sectors, both public and private.




Children’s Hospital NHS Trust thanks SCC for ‘world class’ wireless solution

« We have had our challenges but the unified way in which we have achieved this is a testament to the one team approach embodied in all who contributed to this outcome. »

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