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Local authorities are adjusting to a rapidly changing uncertain landscape

Whilst simultaneously being challenged to provide new, personalised services to the citizens they serve. Devolution, combined authorities and city deals are all challenging the traditional political structures.

Many authorities are already moving to a place-based model of public services, where they are collaboratively working with other local public-sector and private-sector partners to deliver joined-up services.

What our customers say

Your challenges

Reduce the increasingly high costs of social care delivery against a backdrop of a growing, aging population.

Improve decision making through the use of data analytics to get meaningful insight.


Transform the way the organisation can behave and operate on the front line becoming self-sufficient by 2020.

Bring together data sources from disparate systems and other organisations to create a single view the citizen.


Deliver outstanding citizen centric services in a more constrained budgetary environment.

Identity opportunities to create Shared Service models to simplify operational models and reduce cost.


Skills shortages, particularly in remote areas where attracting and retaining talent is difficult.

Our key Local Government solutions

Amid budget cuts, radical reform and a growing and ageing population, local authorities need to identify new ways of cutting costs, whilst continuing to provide services which deliver value and benefit to the citizens they serve.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
Support flexible device options for working at any location and deliver modern environments.

Device as a Service (DVaaS)
Deploying DVaaS simplifies the purchasing, management and refresh strategy of an organisation’s devices.

Deployment of MS Office 365 (and beyond, to include M365)
Enabling of all the suite of MS Office applications and services to help maximise overall business impact.

Audio-Visual Solutions
Providing reliable audiovisual platforms that supports collaboration across all devices and locations.

Application Lifecycle Services
Ensuring all application and operating system refreshes aren’t overlooked as IT infrastructures are upgraded.

Workplace Transformation Consultancy
Our consultants engage with our customers to develop solutions which map closely to desired business outcomes.

Key benefits

  • Scale as required and only pay for what they need
  • Improve collaboration between organisations and teams
  • Enable new ways of working with a modern infrastructure
  • Access industry-leading workplace transformation expertise
  • Release resources that can drive future transformation
  • Drive cost savings with a new revenue model

Amid budget cuts, radical reform and a growing and ageing population, local authorities By creating a single view of the citizen through collation and integration of paper and digital sources, local authorities can enjoy many benefits. They can use data analytics to make more informed decisions, provide personalised services to citizens, drive efficiencies in working practices, and collaborate better with other public-sector organisations. Our Document Services equip organisations with innovative digital document management solutions that support more integrated, agile ways of working. Documents can be stored in the cloud on SCC’s own secure, resilient solution to ensure safety for data and to support compliance with GDPR. These fully managed services give organisations access to SCC’s specialist managed print resources, without the requirement for recruiting or retaining additional in-house skills.

Key benefits

  • Predict and control expenditure
  • Create a single, integrated view of citizens
  • Fulfil their sustainability agendas
  • Rationalise property assets
  • Increase information accessibility for staff and citizens alike
  • Enhance protection and security of sensitive data

Organisations must transform their IT in a way that increases operational efficiency and reduces costs, enables shared service models with other authorities, and simplifies processes. SCC provide a wide range of technical services and facilities to ensure organisations get a hybrid cloud solution perfectly suited to their needs. These include:

Data Centres
We operate three Tier-3 data centres in the UK.

Managed services that encompass a complete cloud enablement suite.

Cloud Environments
We offer Cloud+, our own private cloud environment, as well as the secure, UK government-accredited Sentinel.

Hyperscale Partnerships
Our strong relationships with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google expand the breadth of our offering.

Network Operations Centres
We support 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and management from bases in the UK, Romania and Vietnam

Key benefits

  • Transition customers to the new services quickly and securely
  • Increase future agility and scalability of the IT environment
  • Right-size support levels, from simple maintenance to full managed service
  • Improve cost visibility through consumption-based reporting
  • Deliver better data accessibility for authorities and citizens alike

Securing citizen and local authority data has never been more important. With an ongoing onslaught of high-profile data breaches and changes to data protection regulations, organisations are under pressure to protect their IT infrastructures and business information.

SCC’s Security solutions equip Local Government organisation workers with secure access to a fully compliant IT infrastructure that protects data, applications, devices and the network from both internal and external security breaches. Additionally, we provide a full Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service that delivers a complete view of visible and ‘invisible’ threats to your entire organisation.

Key benefits

  • Secures confidential information and intellectual property
  • Protects the reputation and productivity of the organisation
  • Cuts the cost of security monitoring and risk assurance
  • Enables a proactive approach to cyber security
  • Supports ongoing compliance strategies
  • Removes the requirement for in-house skills

Economic and political changes are challenging local authorities to transform their business models in order to cut costs and become self-sufficient. Operating on a modern, flexible infrastructure would allow authorities to embrace new technologies and innovations and better support the ever-increasing demands of their constituents.

SCC acts as a single point of contact for customers’ break fix needs, providing flexible Service Level Agreements (SLAs) across a single contract. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive service across all six key stages of the supply chain: Procurement, Configuration, Data Security, Storage, IMAC Services (Installs, Moves, Additions and Changes) and Recycling.

Key benefits

  • Refresh infrastructure while complying with data regulations
  • Leverage support services perfectly tailored to specific needs
  • Replace legacy hardware with sustainability and the environment in mind
  • Consolidate all infrastructure and support services into a single provider and contract

Utilising predictive analytics will enable local authorities to drive efficiencies into social care through preventative care methods, including the ability to monitor and manage the health of patients remotely, and by identifying potential health issues before they become more serious and expensive to treat. SCC’s Innovation practice works with a number of health and social care providers to deliver digital transformation programmes which address the silos of technology, data and people. Our solutions for Artificial Intelligence provide local authorities with an effective way of managing increased social care workloads more efficiently and addressing a patient’s potential decline through the development of optimal support plans.

Key benefits

  • Monitor patient health proactively and remotely
  • Create a ‘data portrait’ of an individual, their activities and potential health risks
  • Predict trends and diagnose conditions faster and more accurately
  • Re-design and optimise care pathways across regions

In a world where customer expectations are constantly increasing, all successful organisations need to adapt to be more agile, efficient and business friendly. As local authorities embark on a journey of transformation to become more self-sufficient, they also need to alter working practices to reflect the ever-growing expectations of citizens.

SCC’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions enable authorities to outsource non-primary business functions to a specialist and experienced third party. This enhances business agility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency, while driving down unnecessary expenditure and reducing waste and inefficiency. SCC’s ServiceNow facility allows local authorities to benefit from the business improvements offered by digital innovations such as automation, machine learning and advanced mobile connectivity. It is a global cloud IT Service Management (ITSM) platform which delivers a single environment for the management of all lines of operation.

Key benefits

  • Pivot to a proactive approach to problem-solving
  • Drive business value and cost savings
  • Cut deployment costs via pre-configured blueprints
  • Decrease time to ROI through accelerated deployment

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