Vital skills for organisations

The digital skills gap is widening; failing to keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology. As customers demand more, organisations are under immense pressure to constantly innovate.

The rise of automation, accelerated by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data, has transformed how we live and work, further widening the digital skills gap.

This disparity between skills and the dynamic needs of modern organisations is being compounded by challenges such as the so-called ‘great resignation’ and persistent economic uncertainty, posing a formidable obstacle for organisations seeking to secure and retain the necessary talent to drive their digital transformations.

It’s not just about having the size of your IT department; it’s about accessing individuals who possess the specialised expertise needed to navigate the complexities of modern digital landscapes.

A lack of critical expertise is hindering the execution of strategic plans and heightening security vulnerabilities, leaving organisations exposed to potential breaches and disruption, and unable to realise value from costly investments in modern infrastructure.

Accessing these skills is critical for sustainable digital transformation. Continued reliance on outdated skills will see you fall behind the competition; as the application of AI continues to mature, a new approach is required.

How SCC can support your vital skills gaps

Cloud Services & Networking

Quickly scale your tech capability through our flexible consumption models, guided by our cloud experts to ensure utilisation of the right platforms and infrastructure to accelerate performance.

  • Evolve your network infrastructure in more cost-effective ways
  • Maximise security, availability, connectivity and agility
  • Leverage AI and IoT for improved insights and automation
  • Enable continuous training and development
  • Ensure investment is aligned to business objectives

Digital Workplace

Enhance digital employee engagement to retain talent with secure, integrated solutions for collaboration, automation, and service management. Ensure security while empowering your workforce with flexible, productive work methods.

  • Adopt new technology such as AI and automation, quickly and cost-effectively
  • Implement flexible working models and IoT devices for higher employee satisfaction and retention
  • Maintain security through new ways of working
  • Access predictive issue capabilities and minimise disruption
  • Maximise employee productivity through AI tools like Microsoft Copilot

Cyber Security

Keep vital systems, applications and data safe with comprehensive security solutions. As an extension of your team, our expertise allows you to address security gaps, protect your business and evolve legacy tech, freeing up resource to focus on strategic initiatives.

  • Eliminate security vulnerabilities related to remote work and IT skills gaps
  • Proactively protect your business legally, financially and reputationally
  • Evolve legacy tech and security systems to stay ahead of threats
  • Leverage 24/7 monitoring and response services to bolster your cyber team
  • Enhance threat detection and response with IoT devices and AI

Engage Talent

Under pressure to accelerate digital transformation, organisations need additional expertise for their teams. We offer skilled professionals to support every stage, from cloud adoption to advanced AI integration, through SCC Flexible Resourcing or Consultancy, providing experience, expertise, and on-site training.

  • Access new skills without outsourcing whole projects
  • Quickly and cost-effectively scale up your talent and skills pool
  • Remove reliance on external resourcing in the long-term
  • Use expertise to drive quality outcomes and competitive advantage
  • Transfer and upskill knowledge throughout your organisation

Why SCC?

When you partner with SCC, you’re working with an industry leader that understands the digital skills shortage you’re faced with. We act as your trusted advisor and dependable partner to overcome these skills challenges and empower your digital growth.

Trusted expertise

We have a proven track record in offering the reliable support you need to power your critical applications and infrastructure, bridging your internal skills gaps.

Qualified and accredited

Leveraging our accredited partner ecosystem, we can quickly augment your in-house capabilities with specialised expertise to drive innovation and fill niche skills shortages.

Digital inclusion

Our strategic partnerships with universities is bridging the gap between academia and industry, fast-tracking skills into SCC customers.

Services at scale

We have a comprehensive portfolio of services that cover the full spectrum of IT service management from end-to-end to address your unique skills gaps.

Current knowledge

By constantly training and upskilling our own staff, we ensure you benefit from the latest methods and technologies to stay ahead of evolving business needs.

Organisations who trust SCC with their vital skills gap

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Lancashire Insurance

Lancashire were going through a business transformation programme, with the aim of modernising their business operations, increasing their agility and bringing new services into operation.

Local Government

Borough of Broxbourne Council

British Airways has relied on SCC for all core IT infrastructure services for 15 years. They’ve now extended their agreement, extending the relationship to a total of 20 years.

Travel, Transport and Logistics

Wilson James

Wilson James, being a 24/7 organisation, faced the challenge of needing constant protection against new threats that emerged daily. They required assistance in prioritising these threats and


Browne Jacobson

Browne Jacobson are a leading full-service law firm working across business and society. The law firm came to SCC as it was looking for a Data and AI partner to help them socialise a secure Generative



MBDA needed an IT partner with a keen understanding of stringent security protocols. SCC provides workplace solutions, enabling the 4,000-strong workforce in the UK & abroad to collaborate effectively.


University Hospitals North Midlands

SCC supported the UHNM to become the first UK healthcare organisation to deploy innovative new thermographic technology to protect front-line NHS workers and patients from a second wave of COVID-19 cases.



Mitie hired SCC to create a secure IT infrastructure for their 10-year Escorting Services contract with the Home Office in line with the UK’s governments 14 core NCSC cloud security principles.

Our Technology Collaboration Partners

Our proven track record and leading expertise is built on successful partnerships with some of the biggest technology vendors and suppliers in the world:

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Bridge the tech skills gap within your organisations for the modern digital landscape.

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