SCC and Cisco: Bridging the Tech Talent Gap

The Tech Talent Shortage

The global tech talent shortage, including in the UK, is impacting all industries and sectors. This shortage hampers growth, digital transformation, and existing operations during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. A long-term solution is essential to address this ongoing issue.

What is the business impact:

  • Regional Disparity: High salary demands and cost-of-living crises create regional hiring challenges, particularly in London and the southeast.
  • Cybersecurity Skills Gap: Critical lack of security skills hinders the effective implementation of security solutions.
  • Demand Outstripping Supply: The rapid growth in tech needs outpaces the number of new graduates, exacerbated by retiring experienced professionals.
  • Lack of Modern Network Management Expertise: Complex networks and data streams require skills that many organisations lack.
  • Slow Digital Transformation: Shortage in tech skills delays transformation initiatives, affecting competitiveness.
  • Pressure on Employee Experiences: Top talent prioritises flexible working and digital workplaces, and employers failing to meet these demands struggle to attract the needed skills.

Bridging the Talent Gap with SCC and Cisco

SCC and Cisco offer a suite of solutions and services to fill tech skills gaps:

  • Training and Certification Programmes: Cisco’s Networking Academy and SCC’s additional training programs provide extensive learning opportunities and industry-recognised certifications.
  • Managed Services: SCC offers a full range of managed services to alleviate admin burdens and maximize Cisco technology, covering network operations, cybersecurity, hybrid working technology, and more.
  • Automation and AI Enablement: Advanced automation and AI technologies streamline workflows and reduce manual workloads.

      A winning, expert combination

      With proven track records of success and innovation going back decades, SCC and Cisco are both ideally placed to support a multi-faceted approach to addressing tech skills gaps:

      • Breadth of expertise: as a Cisco Gold partner, SCC has 250 staff fully dedicated to Cisco’s solution portfolio. Account managers, systems engineers, services teams, support staff and managed service experts all come together to support across networking, security, data centre and collaboration.
      • Comprehensive training ecosystem: an extensive and long-standing accreditation pipeline has created thousands of Cisco technology experts over the years. Thanks in no small part to Cisco’s ongoing commitment to investing in people, this eases the process of accessing certified skills and resources for SCC and end customers alike.
      • Automation and AI leadership: Cisco’s advanced AI and automation technologies like DNA Centre, AI Ops and more, enable reduced admin burdens, and allow innovation to take on some of the vital IT workload.
      • Mission-critical network dependence: SCC’s ability to guide customers through Cisco technology design, deployment and management means tailored strategies can be applied to address organisation-specific needs.


      Navigate the Tech Talent Shortage with Expertise and Technology

      SCC and Cisco’s alliance addresses both short-term and long-term tech talent gaps through automation, AI, managed services, and comprehensive training programs.

      Get support that works for you

      Contact the SCC team today and find out how SCC and Cisco can tailor solutions that address your specific gaps in tech talent.

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