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Content and Capture Analytics

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Content capture and analytics is a function that underlines several of SCC’s Digital Document Solutions, from archive scanning, inbound/outbound mail, to onboarding and general workflow service offerings. The process starts with document ingestion which can take many forms; whether paper or digital-born documents such as record management systems. It’s centered around the processes and tools used to analyse and gain insights from various forms of content, such as text, images, videos, and other data, as well as the capture or extraction of information from this content.

Unitisation & Scan Preparation

Paper Unitisation

For paper scanning this can be a simple manual process of placing a barcoded separator sheet between each document prior to scanning. SCC can employ their intelligent capture platform to automatically identify document separation without the need for separator sheets – reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Digital Unitisation

Unitisation of digital documents (or scanned paper documents) can be undertaken based on the content or layout of a document. Additional information can be used for separation such as file name, document attributes and other metadata, as well as the source of the document (such as an email) etc.

Scanning & Digitisation

Document Tracking

Paper documents are tracked throughout the digitisation process in SCC’s asset tracking system utilising barcode technology.


SCC predominantly utilise IBML technology for the paper digitisation process, to capture the best image possible and centralise the management and governance of scanning devices. The platform allows for the management of governance of associated manual processes, such as quality control to ensure consistency and accuracy of the digitisation process.

Documents can be analysed during scanning in real time and captured data can be used to trigger automated processing such as indexing, image insertion, image manipulation and document separation.

Cognitive Analysis & Capture

Classification & Content Extraction

SCC uses Kofax technology for workflows associated with automatic document classification and content capture. Our cognitive capture platform has a toolkit comprising of several technology types to facilitate document classification and content capture, which spans not just written content analysis, but includes document composition, page layout and referencing to external data sources

Verification & Machine Learning

Document Review and Data Verification

Where automation is applied, a certainty rating is determined and used as a metric to decide whether a classification or index field needs to be manually reviewed or verified  – this can be completed by either SCC or customer personnel.

Iterative Improvement

Where documents are manually reviewed, machine learning can be applied to improve the accuracy and reduce the need for manual review moving forward.

Linking to records The same process can allow the indexing of associated data that isn’t necessarily present in the content of the document being processed.

System Integration

Normalisation of data

Before captured and verified data is output and transferred to recipients or downstream systems, it is ‘normalised’ to a format that is best compatible.


Each stage of the content capture and analytics process is designed to make sure images and data are of the best quality, accurate and in the right format before reaching customer record systems. E.g. ERP, DMS, CMS etc. Pre-built connectors are available for common records systems, and custom connectors can be configured using common protocols such API, REST-API, SOAP etc.

Content and capture analytics are essential in various industries, including finance, healthcare, legal, and retail, where vast amounts of data need to be processed and analysed. These analytics tools can improve decision-making, reduce manual data entry errors, enhance compliance, and enable organizations to better leverage their data resources. Incorrect data or data formats can present costly errors such as lost information or data breaches. Furthermore, they can be extremely complex and difficult to rectify once in a record system. SCC’s content and capture service workflows are designed to mitigate this speak to our specialists and see how we can support your operational efficiency.

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