Protect your business’s IT assets. Be GDPR compliant. Secure your data on the move and in the office. From Anti-Virus to Cyber Intelligence Services.

Many organisations see security as a cost, a blocker, a necessary overhead or evil – this is not the approach we take. We understand that security needs to support business operation – not be seen as preventative – to discourage users from circumventing systems and increasing business risk. Given the accelerated growth of networks and business, having the time to stop and assess risk is rare, though this is a requirement in order to plug the gaps.

SCC helps its customers by using industry leading assessment tools, the output of which aids your business case for change.

  • Cloud Cyber Security Service Providing real-time visibility for threat detection and prioritisation.
  • Cloud Cyber Threat Assessment Rediscover your network with SCC’s Cyber Threat Assessment Program.
  • Cloud Cyber Maturity Assessment Gauge your current security posture in terms of prevention, detection and response.
  • Cloud GDPR There are four steps in the SCC solution to GDPR: assess, protect, detect and respond.
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