Samsung and DvaaS: Simplify your technology use

Businesses need simple technology solutions that set them up for success while delivering cost predictability.

Securing a cost-effective and simple way to get the latest tech is crucial for success. Delivered in partnership with Samsung, SCC Device as a Service (DVaaS) simplifies the way businesses buy, manage, and use devices through a single supplier solution.

Use IT don’t own IT

DVaaS enables you to shift the high cost of refreshing technology from capital expenditure to an operating expense, with a simple repayment plan that includes all hardware, software, support, and services delivered as part of the solution. Customers ultimately receive the latest technology on an automatic refresh cycle, arming them with the best tools to amplify their business success. Thanks to the in-house lifecycle management for all IT assets, customers also benefit from hassle-free configuration, delivery and decommissioning DVaaS promises to improve customer budget management, simplify IT management, and deliver unparalleled user satisfaction. The device options include Samsung’s state-of-the-art laptops, smartphones and tablets, offering incredible possibilities for businesses.

DVaaS Services

Despite primarily supplying IT equipment to businesses, there are many layers to the SCC DVaaS service. These are included in the single service model, providing customers with everything they need for their IT equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Predictable Costs – Thanks to clear, fixed-term monthly charges, customers gain full transparency when investing in DVaaS, and can create an accurate cash flow forecast. This enables better cost management and more accurate billing to simplify the entire process.
  • Tailored Service – SCC provides bespoke IT bundles for all customers. Whether they’re looking for desktops, laptops, or tablets, the team aims to find workable solutions that align with their business needs.
  • Full Lifecycle Support – From procurement to delivery and disposal, SCC manage and control the full lifecycle of their customer’s assets. This gives businesses the scope to focus their time elsewhere, happy in the knowledge their IT equipment is being expertly taken care of.
  • Recycling Service – Our goal is to optimise the lifespan and value of our IT assets while protecting the environment and minimising waste. Our recycling services provide us with the means to recycle, refurbish and re-market our equipment. Helping organisations move to the circular economy, and achieve your Environmental Social Governance (ESG) aims.

Learn more about DVaaS for Samsung here

Samsung Galaxy Book2 for Business

— The Samsung Galaxy Book2 for Business can be included as part of the SCC and Samsung for DVaaS bundles. The high performing Galaxy Book2 for Business is the fastest Galaxy Book yet. Combining next level performance with ultra-durable, ultra-light hardware, its designed to make hybrid working easier than ever.

SCC Payment Solutions:

SCC understands the importance of getting the full value out of all technology investments and works with its customers to deliver solutions on a managed refresh basis. Both hardware and deployment services are available for a recurring monthly fee, agreed upfront, and a residual value applied to lower the total cost.

SCC Supply Chain Services ‘Gold’ option includes:

  • Asset tagging
  • SIM card installation
  • Power on testing
  • MDM device enrolment
  • Automated download of business/user applications
  • Screen protection
  • External phone case with installation
  • MI reporting on serial, asset tag, SIM number, mobile number and IMEISCC’s Supply Chain Services are truly scalable and can be made bespoke to your specific needs if our Gold, Silver or Bronze packages don’t meet your exact needs.

Why SCC and Samsung?

— SCC and Samsung have partnered to deliver next-level solutions, complementing the needs of hybrid working. With a focus on impeccable user experience (UX), we strive to deliver solutions that make in-office capabilities possible from remote locations. That includes making sure our customers are secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed from any device, anywhere

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