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SCC in partnership with Rigby Capital can help alleviate some of the strain felt by your organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

As we all navigate an uncertain commercial climate and public sector organisations face limited budgets and delays in government funding we can help address some of your most pressing financial needs quickly to ensure critical IT projects are still delivered.

From helping release capital from within existing infrastructures, to deferring payments and providing pre-owned technology to relieve capacity strain we can help preserve valuable cash, lock in prices now for the medium to long term and reduce risk of changes in exchange rates or interest rates.

SCC and Rigby Capital is here to support customers by offering agile and flexible financing options to help mitigate current instability and uncertainty.


Lock in price before it increases, commit now and pay over time.

Remove exchange rate risk, lock in conversion of FX sales to GBP purchases.

Remove interest rate risk, rates are fixed and certain for the full term.

Conserving cash is every organisation’s number 1 priority, we can help.

Our financial solutions can help safeguard your organisation

Choose leasing as a means of preserving your cash: provision of leasing IT is paid in instalments, therefore without initial investment.

Cash made available can be used to finance working capital and strategic projects.

By improving ROI through the use of leasing will give you every chance of maintaining your critical IT projects.

Avoid risk with delays on CapEx IT projects with finance terms of 36, 48, 60 and 72 months.

A single rent for an all-in-one solution: hardware, software and services.

Up to 6 months deferred payment offers.

Pay back over time to free up cash in FY21.

For example, a £500,000 equipment order, becomes an offer of £10,000 per month with payments starting on 1st October, 6 months deferral and 5 years to pay back. You save 88% cash in FY21.

If you have an existing lease we can support to amend and restructure to achieve lower cash and cost payments.

For example, a £250,000 lease on 36 months originally is only 12 months into a new agreement. A contract amend to 60 months would reduce current payments from £7,700 to £3,800 – a 50% immediate reduction in monthly payments. Contract amends subject to credit approval

If you have technology hardware assets (PCs, laptops, monitors, servers etc.) previously bought with cash you have the option to ‘sale and leaseback’ to help raise cash.

For example, an organisation who bought £1m of IT equipment 2 years ago for cash could get £600,000 now for that equipment, and only pay £14,250 per month for the next 48 months, a net cash gain in FY21 of £429,000, a 72% cash realisation.

Helping safeguard your financial future

SCC & Rigby Capital

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SCC in partnership with Rigby Capital can help alleviate some of the strain felt by your organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.




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