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Being able to produce, store, edit and distribute documents efficiently is key to a businesses’ success.

SCC Document Services enables organisations to manage their documents in the most secure and efficient way, so that they can maximise their ROI. Our solutions can help you to improve efficiency, reduce costs and implement more agile ways of working for your employees.

Your Challenges

A Changing Environment

There are a wide range of drivers in the UK business market that are making organisations consider how their documents are managed.

The price of property, particularly in London, is making businesses reconsider how they use office space, and how they store documents.

Employee and customer expectations about the technology that they use, and the ease with which they do so are higher than ever.

The regulatory environment is more complex than ever, placing greater emphasis on the processes involved in meeting those requirements.

Whereas businesses previously implemented 3 to 5 year change programs to meet changing market conditions, today it’s more common to constantly be managing change and adapting.

All of this means that businesses have to carefully consider how best to navigate a complex landscape of document management solutions, and really understand what will work best for them.

Our Solutions

  • Inbound mail
  • Document creation
  • Managed print
  • Archive
  • Outbound mail

How we do things

Document Services – A Case Study


SCC Document Services carried out comprehensive due diligence for a global, UK-based law firm, and found that they were outsourcing nearly 50% of their reprographic requests at a considerable cost. Although document production facilities existed on-site, a lack of expertise meant that they were not being fully utilised.

SCC Document Services implemented a digital transformation strategy, which saved £400k within the first year of the contract. The introduction of digital working resulted in faster review of information, and less time wasted reading non-permanent information, which has significantly increased productivity. Digital document management has also facilitated greater compliance with industry regulations, ensuring that electronic documents are disclosed in the correct manner.

To visit our dedicated Document Services website please click here.

Business Benefits

  • Over 20 years of document services experience.

  • Scalable solutions.

  • Vendor and service agnostic.

  • Agile delivery models.

  • Bespoke commercial models.


  • Collaborative ApproachSCC’s trusted partnerships programme ensures that we take a collaborative approach to providing Document Services.

  • Addressing Customer NeedsWe create solutions that address customer needs.

  • Multi-sector ExperienceSCC delivers Document Services across a diverse range of sectors, and we ensure that you achieve your target objectives.

  • Flexible AgreementsOur commercial agreements can also be tailored to your requirements.

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