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Check Point vSEC for Azure Stack seamlessly secures the hybrid-cloud

Using the hybrid cloud is much like streaming a movie on a home theatre system. Pulling the film from the cloud to your big screen TV, the home theatre experience […]

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June’s Most Wanted Malware: RoughTed Malvertising Campaign Impacts 28% of Organisations

Check Point’s latest Global Threat Impact Index revealed that 28% of organisations globally were affected by the Roughted malvertising campaign during June. A large-scale malvertising campaign, RoughTed is used to […]

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Phishing, Whaling, Zero Days – What does it mean?

As new security issues are revealed they have new names and sometimes keeping up and understanding this is a challenge! Here is SCC’s high level Jargon Buster to help you […]

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Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop V6.5 Ends Security Patching at the End of 2017

XenApp and XenDesktop v6.5 was released in 2012 and since then, significant improvements on initially the products as well as the wider bundled functionality in later suites and versions. Later […]

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Cyber Crime, Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, Whaling – All Have One Thing in Common… Business Disruption

2017 THE WORST YEAR FOR RANSOMWARE SCAMS WITH SOME EXPERTS PUTTING IT AT $4BN GLOBAL IMPACT Cyber risk modelling firm Cyence estimates the potential costs from the hack at $4 […]

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Preventing a Cyber Attack on Campuses

An event similar to the recent NHS attack could bring a university campus to its knees, says Graeme Stewart, Director of Public Sector, UK&I, Fortinet

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Prevent Ransomware with the Fortinet Security Fabric

Countering the Cyber Security Challenge The Fortinet Security Fabric provides a new, intelligent architectural approach to security that enables enterprises to see, control, integrate, and manage the security of their […]

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FortiGuard Labs Telemetry – Roundup and Comparison of 2015 and 2016 IoT Threats

Attacks targeting and originating from IoT devices began grabbing news headlines toward the last quarter of 2016. Insecure IoT devices became the low-hanging fruit for threat actors to easily exploit. […]

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