Prevent Ransomware with the Fortinet Security Fabric

Countering the Cyber Security Challenge

The Fortinet Security Fabric provides a new, intelligent architectural approach to security that enables enterprises to see, control, integrate, and manage the security of their data across their entire organisation, even into the cloud.

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NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems Test: FortiSandbox with FortiClient

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Ransomware Solved

Ransomware can be quite devastating to any organisation. Here’s why:

Stop ransomware with Fortinet’s Security Fabric

We take a holistic approach, integrating Fortinet security solutions with other security vendors into a single, cohesive entity known as Security Fabric. Fortinet Security Fabric protects against ransomware from all threat vectors including the #1 attack vector for ransomware: phishing email.

Defeat ransomware with these four steps:

Block today’s ransomware

Stop all known and latest ransomware at all entry points to an organisation with Fortinet’s security solution for network, endpoint, application, data centre, and access: powered by FortiGuard global threat intelligence.

Detect: Identify tomorrow’s ransomware

FortiSandbox and other advanced detection techniques identify new ransomware and all of its variants, creating the necessary actionable intelligence for remediation.

Mitigate: Real-time protection from ransomware

Critical to stopping never-before-seen ransomware is through the automated sharing of actionable intelligence locally between detection and prevention components within the Security Fabric.

Mitigation across different organisations is achieved through FortiGuard global intelligence and is extended to the public community through the Cyber Threat Alliance initiative.

Prepare: Stay on top of the latest ransomware

As part of security best practices following the steps above, ensure your network is segmented to protect against ransomware wormlike behaviour such as Samsam and ZCryptor.

Data backup and recovery is an essential strategy for organisations concerned with security threats including ransomware, as well as other scenarios such as disaster recovery, audit, and many more.

Stay on top of the latest ransomware. Fortinet researchers provide insight to the latest ransomware trends with timely blogs and a weekly FortiGuard Threat Intelligence Brief.

Fortinet’s Advanced Threat Protection: Why an Integrated Approach is Your Game Changer

See how we combine market-leading prevention, detection, and mitigation along with top-rated threat intelligence to combat today’s most advanced threats.

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FortiGuard Labs tracks and analyses various ransomware including:

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