SCC, Europe’s largest privately-owned IT solutions firm, has been awarded ServiceNow Elite Partner status. The award follows two years of investment in people, certifications, and customers to broaden SCC’s skills and satisfaction scoring, and evidence the specialist expertise within its Digital Automation Practice. Previously a Specialist Partner, Elite Partner status propels SCC into a much smaller group of highly specialised ServiceNow partners, significantly boosting its competitive advantage. Elite Partner status is just one level below the highest ranking Global Partner. SCC will take its Elite Partner status into its European businesses in France, Spain, and Romania, broadening its global reach and targeting Global Partner status in the future. ServiceNow awarded SCC Elite Partner status for meeting key criteria in offering development and go-to-market maturity, with a CST scoring of 4.61 out of 5 and over 100 certifications and accreditations in its Digital Automation Practice. Gartner, the world’s leading and most respected technological research and consulting firm, will only recommend Elite ServiceNow partners to its customers, underpinning the scale of SCC’s achievement. Natalie Sherratt, CIO at SCC, said: “I’m delighted to share this news and so proud of my colleagues who have helped achieve this accolade. We will wear our Elite Partner status badge loud and proud – as testament to the breadth and depth of talented people and skills we have within SCC and the Digital Automation Practice. “This is excellent news both for SCC, commercially and strategically, and our customers who will keep benefitting from each enhancement in our burgeoning partnership with ServiceNow. We will continue to invest and improve our services to meet the demands of customers at this critical time for automation and digital transformation.” Find out more about SCC’s Digital Automation Practice and partnerships here

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