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Organisations want to change and improve the way they do business using digital technology.

SCC’s Digital Automation Practice makes this possible by helping you understand your requirements better and guiding you on your digital transformation journey.

The digital revolution has given us many ways to improve the way we work and the simple ability to interact with others, both human and artificial, from around the world in real-time, sharing information, and tasks in co-ordinated ways, to make work flow.

Automation speeds outcomes and mirrors the lives we lead, yet only the disrupters have utilised the digital transformation. The time has come to join them.

Your challenges

Taking advantage of the digital revolution is a balancing act of knowledge, experience, and objectives. Understanding the technology, knowing how to use it, and ensuring it meets your goals is the real meaning of digital process automation.

It’s important to remember that change is a process, not an event, and the digital revolution calls for a continuous journey, not a single step.

Our focus is on helping organisations of all sizes in the application of enterprise service management (ESM).

The drivers of digital transformation

Digital automation is a key tool to supporting ESM as part of a digital transformation programme. We work with organisations to find the right answer for their needs and recommend a solution that puts them on their evolutionary journey.

We match the level of support along the journey to your requirements, from fully managed services to self-operated, the goal is to define and deliver a transformative journey that works for you.

Typically, there are main drivers for organisations embarking on a digital transformation journey.

  • Reducing cost
  • Enabling collaboration between dispersed teams, partners, and customers
  • Managing complexity
  • Consolidate systems
  • Optimising the consumer experience

The benefit of speed

SCC’s Digital Automation Practice supports organisations across many areas, but each of our digital automation solutions are focused on a single outcome: the benefit of speed.

Currently, individuals across all business areas must know how to run processes not always relevant to their role. For example, when a manager onboards a new recruit, typically the task involves several processes spanning not just their department but also in HR, IT, and finance too. Within each group there are tools that help people solve their bit of the puzzle – all an individual should need to know is how to ask the question. The cost-saving in completing this and other processes as effectively as possible is significant, as is the positive first impression of your new employee.

Apply this example to customer interactions and the benefits are even greater.

Our Digital Automation Practice

Digital disruptors are delivering products to market faster and providing a fundamentally new user experience. We enable our customers to shift from being a reactive problem solver to a proactive, cost-efficient, value enhancing business.

SCC’s Digital Automation Practice comprises 60+ service delivery and consultancy professionals, including project managers, solution architects, application specialists, developers, and process consultants. These professional services, coupled with our specialist partnerships with ServiceNow and 4me, give us the ability to deliver a complete range of digital automation services.

We are focused on delivering outcome-based solutions, implementing best practice processes, and driving operational efficiencies. Automation is helping drive digital transformation, alongside intuitive consumer experiences, machine learning and an explosion of connected devices.

SCC’s customer-first approach to ESM ensures you get a high-quality service delivered on best-of breed technology, including:

IT Service Management

IT Operations Management

IT Business Management

Customer Service Management

HR Service Delivery

Security Operations

Governance Risk and Compliance

Software Asset Management

Asset Management

Our partners

SCC’s Digital Automation Practice is delivered in partnership with specialist vendor partners that give us the flexibility, breadth, and depth required to create solutions that address the specific needs of our customers, regardless of size, complexity, and sector.


ServiceNow is a global cloud platform that has a range of solutions dedicated to creating the right level of service. SCC has partnered with ServiceNow since 2014, together delivering a high-quality service and best-of breed technology across customer support, HR, IT and beyond.

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4me is an application specifically built to support the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach. It allows internal and external service providers to collaborate whilst 4me keeps track of service levels. SCC selected 4me, a Gartner Peer insights Customers’ Choice winner, as a partner to complement its Digital Automation practice.

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