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Achieve more for less with an intelligent approach to digital process automation.

With a multitude of processes in place to make up any business, a lack of organisation can wreak havoc on their mission for success and profitability. Not only can inefficiencies stifle growth, they can also lead to other negative side effects. Service Management, often thought of as a subset of digital process automation, helps organisations reach their full potential by using technology to streamline activities in the enterprise.

The digital revolution has given us many ways to improve the way we work and the simple ability to interact with others, both human and artificial, from around the world in real-time, sharing information, and tasks in co-ordinated ways, to make work flow.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is defined as “extending IT service management capabilities beyond technology services to address business-centric use cases.”. So, whether you are looking to improve your ITSM, HR Case Management, Facilities Management, or Customer Service Management systems our focus is on improving speed and efficiency across your process workflows, ensuring the work gets done.

The Drivers

Enterprise Service Management is a key tool in supporting digital process automation, as part of a wider digital transformation programme.

Link people and resources

Help customers and employees access support and information easily, so processes run more smoothly, and user experience improves.

Drive productivity

Reduce friction in employee processes to improve productivity, reduce stress, boost job satisfaction and retain staff.

Increase capacity

Use automation for repetitive tasks and to speed up the completion of processes, giving employees more time for value-add work.

Deploy new services

Spend less time on fire-fighting issues and focus instead on service improvement, new services and innovation.

Improve experience

Deliver easy, consistent, and readily-available service support via phone call or online. Assist self-help working and answer questions by facilitating intelligent interactions with humans or AI agents.

Our Digital Automation Practice

Our Digital Automation Practice comprises 50+ service delivery and consultancy professionals, working with specialist vendor partners to deliver support matched to client requirements; from self-operated to fully managed services.

Process automation

We’ll help you identify which processes are good candidates for automation, based on two factors: the potential value to your organisation and how suitable the type of process is for automation.

Solution recommendation

We’ll work in partnership with you to design the right digital automation journey and solution for your needs.

Solution implementation

We’ll deliver a Service Management solution that helps you reduce costs, improve response times and enhance the experience of your customers, staff and partners.


Digital automation is all about simplification – doing things faster, cheaper and more easily, with minimal human intervention. The result? Your business can achieve more, for less.

Improved productivity

Increased processing speeds and reliable automated software reduce errors, improve efficiency and help your business get more done each day.

Better customer experiences

With automation taking care of repetitive tasks, your employees have more time to deliver better service and strengthen customer relationships.

Greater insights and compliance

Refined automated processes can generate a data trail to support data-driven decision-making, and facilitate compliance and audit procedures.

Lower costs

Automated tooling can get tasks done quicker and more accurately than humans can, meaning the work costs less – or more work can be done for the same outlay.

Solution Options

Digital process automation can support many areas of the business to increase speed, improve accuracy and lower costs. When automation is used to connect services like IT, HR and finance, the benefits multiply; providing employees and customers with a simple, streamlined experience.

Reduce time spent on simple requests like password resets, new laptop orders and connectivity issues, in order to focus on strategic, value-add work.

  • Service Management
  • Asset Management
  • Operation Management
  • Risk Management
  • Certification Tracker
  • Continuous Service Improvement Process
  • Preventative Maintenance Administration
  • Access Management
  • Documentation Management
  • ​​Project & Portfolio Management​
  • IP Address Management
  • Loan Equipment Tracking
  • Procurement Management
  • Rick management

Improve employee experience with easier access to policy documents, the ability to update details, and smooth employee onboarding.

  • Case Management
  • Employee Service Centres
  • Contractor Management
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • HR Policy Tracking
  • Interview Tracker
  • Employee Safety Assessment
  • Recruitment Administration
  • Graduate Recruitment Administration
  • Training & Development Administration
  • Payroll Administration

Connect customers with the information they need through self-service options and free up employees to support more complex support requests.

  • Service Management
  • Customer Project Management
  • Field Service Management

Improve employee productivity with the simplification of tasks like conference room booking, desk set-up and management of department-specific processes.

  • Facilities Management
  • Provisioning Management
  • Bespoke Process Management

Improve interactions between customers and store, Stores and Company, Employees and Company.

  • Consumer Feedback System
  • Customer Care and Relationship Management System
  • Accounts Payable Requests
  • Inventory & Purchasing Management
  • Procurement
  • Retail Security Incidents
  • Short Shipment Tracker
  • Facilities Management

Request and question management improvement​​.

  • Loan Operations
  • Billing Reconciliation
  • Customer Complaint Response
  • Real Estate Management
  • Invoice and Order query management

Improving collaboration between departments, reducing workload on Clinicians.

  • Learning Management
  • Legal Request Tracking
  • Clinical & Technical Services
  • Did It tracker
  • Suggestion Box

Improving service provision increasing customer satisfaction​​.

  • Provision Tracker
  • Address Register
  • Customer/Supplier Order Change Tracker
  • Test Equipment Scheduler
  • Managed Service Provider support system

Speeding production with increased departmental collaboration​​.

  • Production Scheduler
  • QA Issue Register
  • H&S Register
  • Logistic Request Management
  • Maintenance Scheduler
  • Finance and business services
    • Bursary
    • HR
  • Staff and student welfare
    • Student on-boarding
    • Student Case Management
    • SEN Management
    • Crisis teams
  • Campus and accommodation services
    • Fire reports and incidents
    • Security and crimes
  • Estates and facilities management

Improving collaboration and reducing effort to provide citizen services. One system supporting each department.

  • Citizen Contact Centre Case Management
  • Driver Vetting for School Transport
  • Waste Bin Collect Incident Tracking
  • Disable Parking Badge Processing
  • Environmental Incident Tracking
  • Tree Management
  • Planning Query Management

Our partners

SCC’s Digital Automation Practice is delivered in partnership with specialist vendor partners that give us the flexibility, breadth, and depth required to create solutions that address the specific needs of our customers, regardless of size, complexity, and sector.


ServiceNow is one of the fastest growing cloud enterprise software companies in the world, with 7,000+ organisations relying on ServiceNow – its intelligent, intuitive cloud platform – for their digital transformation. ServiceNow is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in a number of sectors.

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4me is a service management solution that allows enterprises and their providers to work together seamlessly and securely, without the need for costly integrations. Over 1 million enterprise employees rely on 4me, which is a Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Winner.

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