EPOS and SCC: Audio Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

COVID-19 has prompted a shift in all business practices, with virtual communication becoming the norm. For the healthcare sector, selecting the right devices and technology is critical to maintain confidentiality whilst improving efficiency in the post-pandemic world.

In Partnership with SCC, EPOS devices coupled with Microsoft Teams technology offers the scope to provide the highest level of care, despite working remotely. In return, every patient will receive a first-class virtual healthcare experience whilst clinicians gain from seamless collaboration experiences.

The future of healthcare

EPOS’ premium line of products is fully Microsoft Teams certified, making it possible to merge incredible audio solutions and reliable collaboration technology. The global leader in unified communication and collaboration, Microsoft Teams, is undoubtedly the best platform for healthcare professionals. Having also received Top Video Platform from the Best in KLAS Awards, it’s more simple than ever to keep up with the changing times. Together, EPOS and Microsoft Teams offer superb virtual experiences via chat, video and voice located in one handy hub.

Secure patient consultations

Data protection is paramount in the healthcare industry. EPOS products deliver an incomparable listening experience to protect patient privacy. With features such as noise reduction and directional microphones, sensitive information is kept secure via private and intimate conversation.

Optimised collaboration

Collaboration is also an integral part of the healthcare sector. EPOS and Microsoft’s complementary products allow for secure messaging between professionals to increase productivity and optimise collaboration efforts.

The products

IMPACT 600 headsets: Virtual communication made easy

Transitioning to virtual communication can be tricky, but with the right tools, you can minimise the stress for a hassle-free experience. Ideal for remote patient consultations, the IMPACT 600 Series delivers incredible ease of use with plug and play simplicity. The addition of a Microsoft Teams button on the headset means healthcare professionals can instantly join a virtual call from anywhere. And with an ultra-noise cancelling microphone, patients enjoy crisp, clear audio, even in busy environments.

IMPACT MB Pro headsets: Technology you can trust

Unreliable technology can significantly compromise the efficiency of healthcare professionals. Luckily, the IMPACT MB Pro Series has an extra long battery life, with up to 15 hours of talk time available. Clinicians can connect with patients or staff all day, with no worry that their conversation will be cut short. Mimicking natural, in-person communication, this comfortable headset comes with built-in EPOS Voice and an ultra-noise cancelling microphone. Users experience a top-class communication experience while benefiting from hours of powerful usage.

EXPAND 30T Speakerphone: Maximise your collaboration potential

Stylish, compact and portable, the EXPAND 30T speakphone is the perfect companion for conference calls. With one-touch access to Microsoft Teams, healthcare professionals no longer need to rely on computer technology, as Bluetooth or USB-C connection intuitively syncs with the nearest device. The addition of EPOS Voice technology allows for a natural listening experience and enables simultaneous speech for free-flowing conversation.

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EPOS and SCC in partnership

Technology has enabled this new of learning and working. SCC ensures that User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver – and has partnered with EPOS to deliver market leading audio devices that are compatible with principal collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams. Together, we recognise the importance of replicating the workplace experience at home, requiring seamless audio and video delivered through high-quality audio hardware. We ensure our legal customers cab remain, productive, connected, and collaborative from any device, anywhere, at any time. .

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