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Technology has become a potent enabler of both customer experience and effective operations.

Market competition is increasing with new service providers emerging and non-traditional players challenging the established order by leading with customer-centric innovation. This market change has caused customers to demand ever higher levels of service and value, a challenge many organisations are struggling with.

From investigating ‘challenger’ technologies to developing flexible service models, SCC provides Professional and Managed Services to help Financial Services organisations understand, implement and support a modern flexible infrastructure that creates real competitive advantage.

What our customers say


Working with SCC has given us access to a range of technology services and industry experts that work with us to define and implement the solutions that are supporting our vision to build the best bank in Britain.


Chief Technology Officer
Secure Trust Bank


SCC have provided Price Forbes with a highly reliable, scalable and robust cloud based IT infrastructure. This gives us confidence not only in our day to day utilisation of IT but on our ambitions for digital transformation and the introduction of cutting edge technology to expand our business and services to our global client base.


Chief Information Officer
Price Forbes


Our relationship with SCC spans over five years and during that time they have assisted us in transforming our key infrastructure to a modern, flexible and scalable platform. In our fast-paced industry, our IT is business critical and has to operate efficiently and consistently with zero downtime, SCC understands this and works with us tirelessly to optimise the operation of our key applications and business processes. They support us, they advise us and illustrate how new IT innovations may be pertinent to our business. They are more than a provider they are a deeply trusted strategic partner.


Chief Information Officer Operations

Your challenges

Pressure to protect customers against increased data risks and perform within regulatory regimes

Protecting customer data and organisational reputation against the increased threat of cyber attacks

To embrace new technologies such as AI, RPA and data analytics to exploit new business opportunities

Competition to attract new customers against new online market entrants

Digitally transform to be more productive and create cost efficiencies

How to attract and retain resources with appropriate digital skills

Our key Banking, Financial and Insurance solutions

Our range of Document Services equip organisations with innovative digital document management solutions that support more integrated, agile ways of working. These fully managed services give organisations access to SCC’s specialist managed print resources, without the requirement for recruiting or retaining additional in-house skills:

Managed Print Rooms
These specialist resources and operatives help organisations move away from paper-based processes and workflows, towards digital transformation strategies that help messages be conveyed more effectively.

Managed Post Room
Our digital post rooms and processes minimise the processing time of inbound and outbound mail, while improving its quality at the same time. These managed services help support the adopting of quicker, more agile and more efficient working practices organisation-wide.

Secure Scanning Services
Secure record scanning services, smart digital working methods and highly skilled resources can be deployed to reduce overall print volumes and improve accessibility to important data.

The benefits

  • Streamline workflows and processes
  • Create a single, integrated view of data
  • Rationalise property assets
  • Support sustainability agendas
  • Increase information accessibility, including historic documentation
  • Enhance protection and security of sensitive data

As one of the largest holders of sensitive data and public information, financial services organisations face constantly increasing pressure to defend against cybercrime and data breaches. They must also demonstrate that their platforms and environments comply with increased regulation in order to minimise reputational risk.

SCC provides two key services to support the transformation of financial services organisations. The first is Oworx, a subsidiary business to SCC that provides a complete suite of cloud enablement services. The second key service is Managed Colocation, a secure and flexible arrangement where organisations can host their own infrastructure and hardware in SCC’s accredited data centres.

In addition to these, we also provide a wider range of technical services and facilities to ensure organisations get a hybrid cloud solution perfectly suited to their needs. These include:

Data centres
We operate three Tier-3 data centres in the UK

Hyperscale partnerships
Our strong relationships with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services expand the breadth of our offering

Network operations centres
We support 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and management from bases in the UK, Romania and Vietnam

We work with organisations to determine their ideal solution, based on our extensive public sector experience

The benefits

  • Transition customers to the new services quickly and securely
  • Increase future agility and scalability of the IT environment
  • Enable and accelerate effective workload provisioning
  • Guarantee reliability and service uptime with at least 99.9% availability
  • Right-size support levels, from simple maintenance to full managed service
  • Develop economies of scale through shared platforms and infrastructures
  • Improve cost visibility through consumption-based reporting

The increasing volume and severity of cyber-attacks, combined with ever-tightening regulations, means financial services organisations must take a proactive approach to security. Vulnerabilities must be dealt with immediately in order to mitigate any impact on customer data, company reputation or financial standing.

SCC helps customers develop a comprehensive security strategy that encompasses every stage of the security lifecycle. This portfolio spans four vital areas:

A consultative approach where we work with our customers to assess and evaluate their current security position.

In the current marketplace, changing business models can indirectly cause an organisation’s attack surface to grow.

SCC’s Cyber Security Service (CSS) ensures customers get access to best- in-class threat detection services, delivered by a dedicated and experienced operations team.

We provide incident response services and remediation tasks, so that customers can prepare for security breaches, minimise their impact, and take their protection and risk management to the next level.

The benefits

  • Protect the reputation and productivity of the organisation
  • Secure valuable confidential information, software and networks
  • Cut the cost of security monitoring, risk assurance and in-house skills
  • Enable a proactive approach to cyber security
  • Tailor a service to the maturity of a particular security strategy
  • Support ongoing compliance strategies

Financial services organisations are constantly seeking to cut costs so their limited budgets can be focused on core services and project delivery. However, they require a complex estate of software vendors to operate effectively, and managing that estate can be time-consuming and expensive. SCC’s Software Asset Lifecycle Management service involves working with organisations to evaluate their technology and licensing contracts, assessing software usage and identifying any issues and commercial risks. Providing insight into their software estates puts organisations back in control and highlights areas of rationalisation to provide savings, while ensuring compliance with both vendors and legal regulations. To ensure our customers can achieve optimum value from their software estates, we deliver clear management reports and recommendations for improving efficiency and mitigating risk. We can also provide best-in-class tools to monitor and track usage effectively, ensuring compliance with vendor licensing requirements, where non-compliance carries significant fines and reputational risk.

The benefits

  • Encourage new ways of interacting with other departments, partners and supply chain companies
  • Gain complete visibility and control of the software estate
  • Predict software spend accurately
  • Enable collaboration and cost certainty with a common multi-agency software platform
  • Increase compliance and licence optimisation
  • Reduce costs through SCC’s buying power and licence optimisation

The UK is facing a nationwide digital skills shortage, as technology innovations drive the requirement for more and more digital expertise. However, many commercial organisations may not be able to take advantage of innovations such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotic Process Automation, due to an inability to attract and retain the resources required.

Using tried and trusted EUC Consult methodology, our skilled Professional Services architects and consultants engage with customers to provide a full-spectrum approach to transformation across seven key areas:

Transformation Solutions
Design and deployment of transformation programmes, strategies, roadmaps and target operating models, with experience in the challenges of moving complex workloads to the Cloud.

Technology Adoption
We combine in-house training and communication skills and use our deep understanding of IT transformation, so customers can adopt new technology faster, deliver improvements to customers and maximise ROI.

Transformation Delivery
Delivery of exceptional governance and control through a highly experienced team of project and programme managers that help ensure outcomes are delivered on time and on budget.

Office365 and Collaboration
Support for introduction and deployment of Office365, unified communications (Skype for Business and Yammer), enterprise collaboration (Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive, Exchange) and application integration using PowerApp and PowerBI.

End-User Computing
Delivery and management of digital workplaces to take full advantage of Windows 10, modern application support services and enterprise management toolsets, including large virtual desktop environments.

Networking and Security
Deployment and management for every network requirement, across local areas, wide areas, mobile and wireless, along with dedicated Security and Event Management (SIEM) services for security assessment, detection and resolution.

Enterprise Platforms and Data Consolidation
A tailored approach to storage, compute and business continuity, based on in-depth knowledge of many key providers (HP, DellEMC, IBM, HDS, NetApp) and trusted relationships with global infrastructure solution providers.

The benefits

  • Access industry-leading digital transformation expertise
  • Leverage technical skill sets as and when they’re needed
  • Rely on trusted programme managements
  • Release resources to focus on innovation and development
  • Use projects and work packages on an outcome, fixed-cost basis

Financial services organisations are constantly looking to improve their productivity and to reduce their cost base, including within the management of their IT asset estate. Many organisations are struggling to take advantage of new ways of working and transform digitally because they cannot afford to refresh their estate, or the management of their IT supply chain is inefficient and complex.

SCC offers flexible options to ensure our customers always have the right devices, at the right time, with security, viability and sustainability always in focus:

Device as a Service (DVaaS)
Deploying DVaaS simplifies the purchasing, management and refresh strategy of an organisation’s devices. We provide state-of-the-art devices chosen from a mutually agreed service catalogue, and collect them for secure wiping at the end of the term.

Supply Chain Services
We provide a comprehensive service across all six key stages of the supply chain: Procurement, Configuration, Data Security, Storage, IMAC Services (Installs, Moves, Additions and Changes) and Recycling. This is based around our LifecycleTM catalogue tool where customers can conduct product and service transactions online, our Commissioning Centre for all types of hardware and peripherals, and our zero-landfill Recycling Service for secure data erasure and destruction of end-of-life devices.

The benefits

  • Enjoy a fully managed asset lifecycle service
  • Benefit from our accreditation with Tier 1 manufacturers
  • Manage costs effectively through our internal financing solution
  • Meet sustainability goals through refurbishment and recycling services
  • Maintain a secure, up-to-date, flexible estate of assets

Organisations that invest in modern technology and processes will enjoy improved workplace productivity that generates business stability, growth and success. That’s because employees have everything they need to work anywhere, any time and on any device.

We leverage all our 45 years of expertise and our status as a long-standing Microsoft Gold Certified and Competency Partner, to help our customers transform their productivity, and transform how their Microsoft environments enable that productivity:

Workplace Productivity
Our consultants engage with our customers to develop solutions and strategies that revolutionise user experiences. We design, test and deploy future workplace platforms that include unified communications strategies, enterprise collaboration platforms and application integration.

Windows 10 Transformation
Our consultants engage with our customers to develop solutions and strategies that revolutionise user experiences. We design, test and deploy Windows 10 and Office365 platforms that include unified communications strategies, enterprise collaboration platforms and application integration.

Microsoft Evergreen
Our Microsoft Lifecycle as a Service (MLaaS) facility makes it easy for organisations to maintain and securely manage all of their Microsoft environments.

The benefits

  • Design and deploy your future workplace with world-class professional services
  • Leverage the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Use established, proven processes around deployment
  • Support future workplace environments with cost-effective managed services

Users increasingly demand instant access to support services, and a choice of options for interaction that suits them. This requires commercial organisations to deliver efficient IT support services, but this can use up valuable time and resources on day-to-day IT infrastructure maintenance.

Our service desk offering combines traditional and next-generation services with our own innovative virtual agent platform:

Service Desk
SCC’s Service Desk, built on 20 years of experience, blends modern technology with standards-based, proven service management practice to ensure that our services align to an organisation’s objectives, culture and infrastructure.

TrinITy Virtual Agent
SCC’s affordable virtual agent gives users interactive, AI-based support through access to instant, automated self-help services. TrinITy can understand complex enquiries and deliver clear answers that are personalised to the individual user, while learning over time to constantly improve the service it can deliver.

The benefits

  • Scale as required and only pay for what they need
  • Drive continuous service improvement through ongoing learning and knowledge base development
  • Access new services quickly through rapid transitioning
  • Right-size support, from consultancy to a full managed service
  • Use solutions accredited to ISO 20000-1, ISO 9000 and ISO 27001 for Information Security

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