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Estimated cost for you to buy and maintain yourself
Overall DVaaS cost using time value of money (TVM) *
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Circular economy carbon saving: includes equivalent to
Train journeys from Birmingham to London
Flights around the world
The purpose of this calculation is to give an indication of cost and environmental savings. For a bespoke quote please book a bespoke consultation with our specialist advisors below.

What’s included with SCC DVaaS?

Storage costs

All requirements will be stock profiled to meet expected needs and items will be held in SCC’s secure storage facility in our Birmingham National Distribution Centre.

Configuration costs

Each device will be configured, tested, and loaded with your specific company image.

Asset tagging

A unique asset tag is fitted to each device, enabling the effective tracking and management of equipment.

Delivery to home or office

Devices can be delivered in bulk or directly to individual users.

Asset Management logging

As DVaaS devices are deployed we will capture and record full asset details in the DVaaS asset register.

Deployment costs

Devices can be deployed in the most cost efficient manner, from individual shipments direct to users up to full pallet’s for large deployments.

Extended maintenance costs

We can maintain your devices, responding to, and resolving any ICT issues you and your users might have.

Service Tickets

Any incidents will be raised with and managed by our own Near Shore service desk to completion.

Asset recovering from site

At the end of the DVaaS term or to the agreed refresh schedule we will arrange the collection directly with the user for shipment back to our NDC for wiping and processing.

Secure wipe

We can arrange device collection at a time and location that is convenient for you. Returned equipment will undergo a secure and certified cleansing process.


All DVaaS items recovered will be assessed for either re-use, remarketing or disposal via our zero landfill in house recycling facility.

* Discover more about the calculation

In financial modelling a Discount Factor rate is used to model the time value of money (TVM) in order to bring the future payments back to day 1 to provide a comparative number against the cap ex value.

The illustration above has used a Discount factor of 10% per annum, in line with the UK inflation rate from October 2022.

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