Where will your Datacentre be in 2025?


The Cloud?

Well, Mark Hurd the co-CEO of Oracle Corp says so and he’s hoping this means Oracle’s. According to the Wall Street Journal, he expects that 80% of corporate datacentres to disappear by 2025 as cloud services become the primary way that IT services are consumed.

The movement to the cloud “isn’t just about technology, it’s about a business model, a new way of thinking about our industry. That’s why cloud is as much a CEO and CFO discussion as a CIO and IT discussion.

The bad news is that cost predictability for migrating an uncontrolled and unmanaged estate to any cloud service provider could be a major issue as costs and the freedom to provision services becomes more dynamic.

The good news is SCC has a new cloud migration strategic service that can offer advice, guidance and risk assessment on the following aspects:

  • Migrating on premise applications or datacentre functions to the cloud:
    • Will the applications work?
    • Will all the migration activities be successful? What is the fall back plan?
    • Are you permitted to use your licenses in the cloud?
    • How will you contain utilisation sprawl?
    • How will you manage any price rises from your cloud services provider?
  • Are your key stakeholders (commercial, technical, operational) aligned to ensure best value is driven from your route to cloud strategy?
  • How will your strategy be subject to ongoing review and react to changes?
  • Do you need a partner that can offer a flexible agile service to react to IT and business change demands?

Contact SCC to help you discuss our breadth and depth of ‘Route to the Cloud’ services through our SCC SMART-BUY service.

For further information contact the SCC Software Team: [email protected]

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