What Windows 10 Means for the Enterprise

The release of Windows 10 offers more than just new enterprise features — it is a major OS overhaul that accelerates the evolution of Windows from a PC-centric to a modern enterprise architecture. With Windows 10, enterprise IT can truly begin to shift from a security-focused legacy infrastructure to a modern enterprise architecture that prioritises a highly productive, secure, and unified user experience across multiple devices.














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In Windows 10, previously separate OS versions on traditional Windows PCs, tablets, and phones are converging onto a single platform managed through an EMM console. By providing a unified set of MDM APIs and Enterprise Data Protection (EDP), Windows 10 enables IT to secure and manage all types of devices as well as distribute business apps to any device through a single app storefront. Windows 10 is also converging UIs to provide a consistent user experience on every Windows device. Together with an EMM platform, Windows 10 offers tremendous possibilities for organisations ready to shift from a legacy, PC-based infrastructure to a modern enterprise architecture.


The Key Windows 10 Highlights Are:

  1. Single Set of MDM APIs to Control all Windows 10 Devices: A unified set of MDM APIs enables IT to centralise device management and security through a single EMM console across tablets, desktops, phones, and embedded devices.
  2. Advanced Enterprise Data Protection: Enterprise data protection (EDP) enables devices to automatically identify and encrypt data that comes from business applications such as SharePoint but not from personal apps such as Facebook. That data is then kept separate and managed with data loss prevention (DLP) controls through an EMM.
  3. EMM Distribution of Win 32 Apps: With Windows 10, Win 32 applications no longer need to be packaged for distribution through System Center — they can be administered and distributed directly through the EMM console via MDM APIs.
  4. Granular Control of Windows Updates: Windows 10 offers IT administrators greater control of OS updates. It includes granular controls to scan for updates, install updates based on network connectivity, and report update status to the EMM console.

With MobileIron Enterprises can successfully manage Windows 10 as well as iOS and Android Devices through one single EMM Platform, combining security for devices, apps and content whether the devices are corporate owned or part of a BYOD program.

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