Vital protection for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an attractive option for organisations wanting to move their email management to the cloud and remove the need for an on-premises Exchange server.

Drivers for include lowering costs, improved collaboration and greater flexibility.

But how do you ensure the security, data integrity and business continuity risks are mitigated in the cloud as they were on-premises?

Working with Mimecast, SCC can provide a comprehensive suite of integrated cloud services to help you mitigate the risks of moving your email infrastructure to the cloud.

We can effectively remove barriers to adoption and accelerate deployment, by offering a ‘blended cloud’ solution that integrates with Office 365, offering many benefits including:

  • Keeping email working when Office 365 is offline with Mimecast Mailbox Continuity;
  • Enhancing security and tackling new threats with Mimecast Broad Spectrum Email Security;
  • Protecting critical data with improved data resilience from Mimecast Data Assurance;
  • Streamlining data migration with Mimecast Legacy Archive Data Management;
  • Increased user productivity and improved collaboration through unique desktop and mobile apps;
  • Eliminating the resource drain of on-premises technology with a 100% cloud solution.

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