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Cyber Crime, Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, Whaling – All Have One Thing in Common… Business Disruption

2017 THE WORST YEAR FOR RANSOMWARE SCAMS WITH SOME EXPERTS PUTTING IT AT $4BN GLOBAL IMPACT Cyber risk modelling firm Cyence estimates the potential costs from the hack at $4 […]

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Mimecast Releases Free EBook Detailing the Dangers of Email Impersonation Attacks

The new E-Book, Whaling: Anatomy of an Attack by Mimecast details the facts about these damaging and costly threats and how you can protect against them.

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Introducing Mimecast Secure Messaging

Email wasn’t designed for sending sensitive or confidential information yet it remains the most common form of communication in business. Meanwhile, traditional approaches to encryption have been costly and complex. […]

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The Vault Is Dead: Why On-Premises Email Is History

Companies are increasingly trading in their old, bloated, expensive on-premises email archives for Cloud services. Over time, these last-century technologies will take their place in the history of computing – […]

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The Future of Email Archiving is in the Cloud

Everybody is moving email archiving to the Cloud Discover why you should too A Cloud email archive makes everything easier – management, maintenance and mobile access. Not to mention security, […]

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Vital protection for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an attractive option for organisations wanting to move their email management to the cloud and remove the need for an on-premises Exchange server. Drivers for include […]

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