PCI Compliance Deadline Has Passed

June 30th 2015 was the day new PCI Security legislation was introduced, yet thousands of retailers are still not compliant.

Retailers who fail to physically secure all payment devices now face severe financial penalties and potentially damaging disclosures.

In just 30 seconds, fraudsters can remove a payment terminal and replace it with an identical one fitted with electronic skimmers. And yet, you can stop this happening to your business in a matter of minutes.

Hypertec’s payment device security guide outlines how you can overcome emerging threats and meet the latest compliance standards now the deadline has passed.

SpacePole Payment solutions are proven, robust and follow the latest PCI-DSS physical security best-practice compliance requirements. This means that they comply with the following criteria – mandatory as of June 30th 2015:

  • Prevent theft or replacement with an unauthorised terminal
  • Prevent data capture from the payment infrastructure
  • Prevent the addition of skimming equipment to the terminal or network
  • Protect unattended terminals and prevent physical removal
  • Protect not only the terminal, but the cables as well

For more information, contact your SCC account manager, call 0121 281 8618 or e-mail [email protected].

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