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PCI Compliance Deadline Has Passed

June 30th 2015 was the day new PCI Security legislation was introduced, yet thousands of retailers are still not compliant. Retailers who fail to physically secure all payment devices now […]

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EU Data Protection Law Reform

The law around Data Protection is changing. Since the EU Data Protection Regulation was first introduced in 1995, technology has evolved dramatically. Mobile devices are now an essential tool in […]

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Combating absenteeism: how to save billions with ergonomics

Absenteeism is costing the UK economy £14 billion each year. UK businesses are feeling the effects of an almost £29 billion shortfall as a result of workers taking more than […]

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Keep data private and screens protected

Privacy is the best policy These days, screens are everywhere. And so are visual hackers. With the increase in mobile workers, open workspaces, high-resolution displays, and smartphone cameras capable of […]

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Maximise Memory and SSD Utilisation with Hypertec

Hypertec can enable your organisation to maximise Memory and SSD utilisation with WS2012 R2 migration. WS2012 2012 and 2012 R2 extends Memory capabilities and provides an operating system that is […]

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Hypertec with SCC in the Public Sector - Case Study

Addressing Assistive Technology With thousands of computer using staff, large public sector organisations have to ensure that the correct steps are taken and measure are in place to keep productivity […]

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Windows Server 2003 EOL - Let Hypertec help you upgrade

With Hypertec Memory, HDDs and SSDs we can give you a cost-effective infrastructure boost. Windows Server 2003 goes End of Life (EOL) on the 14th July 2015. This has important […]

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