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Privacy is the best policy

These days, screens are everywhere. And so are visual hackers. With the increase in mobile workers, open workspaces, high-resolution displays, and smartphone cameras capable of capturing images virtually unnoticed from across a room, con dential data is more vulnerable than ever. An unprotected screen can expose sensitive information, including nancial records, patient information, trade secrets and business plans. Organisations spend millions on IT security, but often do little to protect con dential information in plain view. Are you doing everything you can?



3M™ Privacy Filters and Screen Protectors. Help protect your screen from visual hackers. 3M™ Privacy Filters and 3M™ Privacy Screen Protectors use an advanced vertical louver technology that’s as thin as scienti cally possible. They sit on top of your screen and provide up to 120º of visual protection from side views. You see your display clearly, while people on either side see only a black or gold screen.

Framed Privacy Filters

• Keeps sensitive information private

• Fits CRT and LCD desktop monitors

• Two easy attachment methods: adhesive or hanger arms

• Easily cleaned, anti-reflective surface helps reduce reflections


Black Frameless Privacy Filters

• Includes two easy-to-use attachment methods

• Reversible: glossy and matte sides, matte side helps reduce glare

• Protects screen and cleans easily

• Great for high-traf fic areas


Gold Frameless Privacy Filters

Does everything Black Filters do, plus:

• Has 3M’s highest level of clarity among 3M privacy filters

• Provides straightforward visibility while blocking side views


View Hypertec’s 3M videos here

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