Hypertec with SCC in the Public Sector – Case Study

Addressing Assistive Technology

With thousands of computer using staff, large public sector organisations have to ensure that the correct steps are taken and measure are in place to keep productivity levels at optimum efficiency and all IT products are adaptable and accessible to all staff, including those with disabilities and flexi-workers.


Unoptimised hardware is a large contributing factor to drops in employee productivity and absence. Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) come from long term use of hardware that isn’t optimised for human use. Conditions like this can be very costly in both employee absence and compensation claims, yet can be easily prevented with the right IT investment.

Public Sector Assistive Technology

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Customer Driver – Assistive Hardware Investment

Hypertec recently worked with SCC to address Assistive Technology drivers with one of their largest public sector customers, who had identified that their support for staff with Assistive Technology needs were falling short of their desired standards.

Thinking of future cost savings, the public sector organisation also felt that all staff would benefit from minor adjustments to improve their health, wellbeing and productivity within the workplace.

Upon review, it became apparent that staff were waiting too long for an effective solution and the Government Access To Work Assessment Service was often recommending equipment that was not compatible with their IT systems which contributed to an ineffective IT spend.

The internal IT Help Desk Services were not sufficiently knowledgeable on Assistive Technology, with insufficient resources to support its users.


SCC and business partner Hypertec devised a strategy for dealing with the issues the organisation had. This strategy assessed the processes and methodology of their current provision and made recommendations for improving their support services.

Outcome and Benefits

This targeted and consultative approach enabled SCC’s customer to access a range of Assistive Technology products which were compatible with their sytems. The comprehensive, specialist service caters for all of their staff’s ergonomic, health and wellbeing needs, including those with disabilities and flexi-workers. To ensure that these products were fully utilised, staff received full professional training on the use of the products.

Huge cost savings will be made as a result as staff absences due to MSDs are projected to significantly reduce.

Through their new working relationship with SCC, the organisation now benefits from a standardised system for the assessment and provision of Assistive Technology, saving both cost and time. This is achieved through a single managed service from SCC that includes all their needs at a desktop level.

The knowledge and control gained through this single managed service allows the organisation to confidently develop their changing IT infrastructure, accommodating new and more flexible working practices, supported by their new and improved advanced technical support. All of which is achieved through SCC and Hypertec’s working ability to provide a better and faster supply of more effective solutions.

Providing Solutions For

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