Combating absenteeism: how to save billions with ergonomics

Varidesk Pro Plus 48

Absenteeism is costing the UK economy £14 billion each year.

UK businesses are feeling the effects of an almost £29 billion shortfall as a result of workers taking more than four times as many days off than those internationally.

Many businesses can prevent this cost, however. The top causes of long-term absence are: stress; musculoskeletal injuries such as neck strain and RSI; mental health conditions; and back pain. Many of these causes can be attributed as a direct cause of not working in an ergonomic environment.

Alarming new studies are being published on Sitting Disease. This is caused by extended periods of sitting a day. As a result there is increased risk of heart disease, severe back injuries can occur and our metabolic rate is impacted.

A recent study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) focuses on the issue of too much sitting and how a sedentary lifestyle can be a novel and important predictor of chronic disease risk. You can find out more about their research on physical activity and health here.

Hypertec has dedicated ergonomics specialists with vast experience in enabling businesses to implement ergonomic working environments. With a wide selection of ergonomic products available, Hypertec can help you increase business efficiency and improve productivity.

Ergonomic working solutions from Hypertec include the Evoluent VerticleMouse 4, with its special ergonomic design, improved thumb rest and anti-rub lip, ergonomic keyboards and headsets, monitor and laptop stands, and the Bakker Elkhuizen TabletRiser, which is flexible and universal, offering an ergonomic design and enabling a compact workplace.

Hypertec also offers the Varidesk Pro Plus 48, and its full Varidesk range, which allows users to switch from a sitting to standing environment in just 3 seconds – helping to combat the effects of sitting disease. All the Varidesk products are an out-of-the-box solution with no need to assemble the product before use. In addition, the Varidesk requires no alterations to your current office furniture. Whether your office has a built-in desk layout or the furniture is free standing, the Varidesk can be added to your furniture estate with no stress or hassle.

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