Citrix Retires Subscription Advantage

Citrix-retires-SAUntil now, Citrix has offered two types of software Maintenance:

  1. – Citrix Software Maintenance
  2. – Citrix Subscription Advantage (SA)

Citrix SA gave you upgrade rights to future versions, with no support and Software Maintenance provided support. A customer typically bought both or just Software Assurance.

After March 2017, Software Assurance will no longer be available to new customers, with both Software Maintenance and Software Assurance being replaced by a new Support agreement called Citrix Select.

Existing customers will have the chance to renew against the old models before the end of June 2017 for 1 to 4 years.  Please note, if you buy any additional licences after 1st July 2017, then all your existing licences will be uplifted (at a cost) to the new Select Maintenance models.

The Bad News

The bad news is that whilst there may be some demonstrable value to customers, such as the increased programme, features and free online training, this all comes at an increased cost.

In some circumstances, the value driven by a more comprehensive service may not be able to be realised through the Citrix strategy within that organisation; that was the sweet spot of utilising Subscription Advantage.

The Good News

The good news is that Citrix are offering early adopter discounts to Citrix Select until the end of March 2017.  In addition, SCC has a wide range of software licensing, procurement and professional services offerings to enable you to make better use of how you use and procure software.

Contact SCC before March 2017 to help you understand the impact to your Citrix maintenance subscriptions through our SCC SMART-BUY service.

We can also offer a FREE Citrix Software Review of your environment which will deliver recommendations aligned to your strategy.


For further information contact the SCC Software Team: [email protected]


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