Introducing Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is defence-grade security built from the chip up and comes as standard in all our smartphones and tablets, running the Android operating system.

Not all Android smartphones and tablets come with equal security. At Samsung, we understand how essential security is for your business. You can’t afford for cyberthreats to cause downtime and interfere with your working day. More importantly, you can’t risk your company’s data falling into the wrong hands.

Cyber attacks are becoming more common, with criminals exploiting more and more points of weakness. Between 2017 and 2018, the frequency of attacks doubled.

58% of attacks in 2018 affected small and medium-sized enterprises. That’s why we listen to our customers and continue to strengthen our protection to offer the highest levels of security available for mobile devices.

We call it Samsung Knox, defence-grade security built from the chip up. When it comes to security, we follow an end-to-end design and production approach. So, our smartphones and tablets are protected by Knox from before they’re even turned on, and stay secure throughout their whole lifecycle.

Key features

Features which come as standard on Samsung smartphones and tablets running on Android—over and above the existing Android operating system and delivering additional unique capabilities.

  • Leading virus protection – Anti-malware safeguards your hardware and software, powered by McAfee.
  • Secure Folder – Keep work and personal information separate and protected on a single device.
  • Data isolation – Complete data isolation plus total control of the features and components apps can access.
  • Rooting prevention – Eliminates the risk from unauthorised operating systems to protect your data.
  • Monitoring – Real-time operating system monitoring and protection.
  • Encryption – Hardware-based encryption and authorised-only firmware.

Don’t just take our word for it…

There are many reasons to believe in Samsung Knox, with analysts, governments, businesses and partners trusting it with their mobile security.

Highly rated – Samsung Knox has received the most ‘Strong’ ratings by Gartner for each of the past three years,

Government trusted – Globally, government CISOs have referred to Samsung Knox as ‘best of breed’.

Global support – It’s supported by thousands of mobility solution partners worldwide.Widely usedSamsung Knox is used by over 50 million business users globally. That number speaks for itself.

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