Introducing Samsung Knox

Introducing a defence-grade mobile management security solutions that saves time and money. Samsung Knox is a single security platform packed with integrated management features, including centralised device management.

Rolling out hundreds of smartphones, all at once within a business, all to the right configuration is time and resource consuming. You can now remotely configure all company devices over the air – setting up accounts, profiles, permissions, email access, Wi-Fi, and everything else users need. All at once, with no fuss or hassle.

Users automatically receive the settings and apps they need for work, so they can focus on the task at hand, not on setting up devices. Lost devices can be remotely locked  and wiped, protecting company and personal data, helping with company compliance head of the GDPR legislation due to come into force May 2018. Rated by Gartner as the most “strong” of any mobile security platform, Samsung Knox offers confidence that your business is protected. In the event an employee loses a work device which contains sensitive data, Samsung Knox allows the phone to be remotely located, data wiped and device locked down. This level of control is vital today, given that smartphones are used for so much more than calls, email and texting.

Fast and easy customisation of a device is an important and appealing experiences for organisations.  Samsung Knox means you can fine-tune a device to meet the requirements of the business, whatever they are whilst still remaining completely secure as the underlying security platform locks

When employees have a personal phone and a work phone, mistakes are bound to happen. The wrong data sent to the wrong place could prove costly. With Knox, employees only need one device, because every device has two sides, work and personal, separately encrypted, in different containers.



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