Cyber Security

Security Consulting

Identify and address areas where security could be compromised

Organisations need to be aware of the security gaps across their organisations that include people, processes and technologies.

It is essential to identify and address areas where security could be compromised now and in the future.

Your challenges


Do you have sufficient visibility into your current security landscape?


Are you informed of the security gaps and risks across your organisation?


Do you have a risk-based strategy?


Do your end users have the right level of education to build security cultures within your organisation and address social problems?

Key services

Security Assessment

We offer security assessments to expose key vulnerabilities and identify risks to key information assets.

Security Architecture

We work with you to move from your current to future state.

Security Awareness Training

We provide a learning management platform that drives capabilities and promotes the right security culture within your organisation.

How we do things

Security Assessment

Cloud Security Assessment

Our expert team can provide cloud security assessments for cloud migration readiness for available cloud solutions.

Cyber Risk Assessment

We offer assessments of your cyber security posture to expose key vulnerabilities, identify risks to key information assets and prioritise those risks according to your business needs.


We deliver compliance to ISO standards and Cyber Essentials to ensure best practices within your organisation.

Security Architecture

We work with you to design blueprints, roadmaps and business cases that move you from your current to future state. These include models that support your strategy and direction as well as ensure the effectiveness of your security processes, governance and policies.

Security Training & Awareness

People influence security far more than technology or policy. It follows that companies are more likely to get breached by social attacks than technical vulnerabilities. For this reason, our consulting practice provides a learning management solution that drives capabilities and promotes security cultures within your organisation.

Business benefits

Take you on a journey

We take our customers on a journey through the different stages of security and compliance, which involves a detailed and documented approach.

Build a complete picture

We open up the conversation around security, going past the technology aspects and into the people, behaviours, culture and processes which builds a complete picture of requirements.

Save resources

We save time, effort and money of acquiring tools and technologies that do not necessary address your security pains.

Protect what matters

Taking advantage of our risk-based approach to security, we can adequately protect what matters to you.




With over 40 years’ experience of delivering IT systems and solutions for customers, we have a practical understanding of the security landscape.



Our international reach and strong global partnerships give us unique leverage in the marketplace, helping us to stay relevant and improving our security skills and capabilities to meet customer needs.



We are continually investing in our capabilities, so that we can deliver more effective and valuable services, reducing the security risk and potential breaches that our customers can face.

Supplementary services

Payment Solutions

We are here to support you by offering agile and flexible payment solutions to help mitigate budget limitations and avoid technology obsolescence. This can be done through our own “As a Service” subscription based payment models or using our relationships with trusted financial institutions and vendors. Visit Payment Solutions »

Professional Services

SCC has a broad and detailed technical expertise that is capable of providing the right combination of skills to suit our customers’ IT estates. We want them to have the best technology solution, from current resource allocation to future scalability. Visit SCC Professional Services »

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