SCC and Samsung: Get more from your mobile investment

Together with Samsung, we want to help you get more from your mobile investment.

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition gives you industry-leading mobile devices plus the support, security and tools to protect and manage your fleet. It is a complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give customers more choice, control and protection.

It’s never been more important to build remote working strategies to address new challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Collaboration brings innovative ideas together. Technology can help this by making it easier to share these thoughts. We enable the diversified workforce to work together irrespective of where they are.

Keep your team working

With many businesses managing large, disparate workforces or teams in the field, it’s now easier to configure, update, deploy and run mobile technology across organisations at scale – helping to ensure your people are always securely connected with the latest reliable technology to keep teams working and on the move. SCC and Samsung ensure User Experience (UX) is at the centre of everything we deliver. We recognise that employees today have high IT expectations, most having access to devices at home that are well beyond typical corporate device specification. Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition makes it easier to configure, update, deploy and run mobile fleets across your organisation at scale. And it helps to ensure your people are always securely connected with reliable technology to keep your teams working.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition’s integrated suite of management tools includes:

• Knox Suite – secure, deploy and manage your mobile fleet straight out of the box

• Knox Set-up Service – Galaxy Enterprise Edition includes a base build of Knox to get your business started

• Up to 8 Years of Security and Maintenance Releases – stay ahead of security threats

• Extended Project Lifecycle – maintains consistency across your fleet of Samsung devices

• 3 Year Enhanced Support – enhanced support to keep you and your people going

The Devices

Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition is available on a range devices, including Galaxy S24, Galaxy XCover6 Pro, Galaxy A35, Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and Galaxy Tab Active 5. Want to know what phone fits your work style? Click HERE to take our short quiz

Why SCC and Samsung?

In partnership with Samsung, SCC ensures our customers are kept secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed, enabling seamless collaboration and office mobility. Samsung’s complete package of mobile technology and services are designed to give you more choice, more control and more protection.

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