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Unique to Samsung, Galaxy Enterprise Edition is a complete package of mobile technology and services designed to give customers more choice, control and protection.

With Galaxy Enterprise Edition, you get a choice of industry-leading mobile devices with 3 year enhanced support levels and Knox management tools giving you greater control over software and security updates.

With many businesses managing large, disparate workforces or teams in the field, it’s now easier to configure, update, deploy and run mobile technology across organisations at scale – helping to ensure your people are always securely connected with the latest reliable technology to keep teams working and on the move.

It’s all in one package, designed specifically for business. Unique features of Galaxy Enterprise Edition include:

Knox Suite

Secure, deploy and manage your mobile fleet straight out of the box – everything you need to make your IT team’s life simple.

Knox Set-up Service

Galaxy Enterprise Edition includes a base build of KNOX to get your business started.

5 Year Security

5 years of regular firmware updates so businesses can be sure their fleet of devices have the latest Android and Samsung security patches.

Extended Product Lifecycle

All Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices come with an extended product lifecycle, ensuring users have the same device, bringing continuity to a mobile fleet.

3 year enhanced support

Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices give users 3 years of an enhanced service maintenance, including fast response, next business day swap and on site Samsung repair vehicles throughout the UK, ensuring the mobile technology continues to perform.

Superior Protection

All of our devices are protected by Samsung Knox, our defence-grade security platform built from the chip up. Business users can rest assured, knowing that their data stays secure.

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