Poly Studio Room Kits: Simplifying Microsoft Teams Rooms

The hybrid working model seems like a great idea in theory, but poor communication and collaboration, as well as endless distractions, are just some of the setbacks businesses face. That’s why SCC and Poly have partnered to deliver Poly Studio Room Kits, a solution designed to shake up the future of hybrid meetings. Having been purpose-built and certified for use with Microsoft Teams Rooms, Poly Studio Room Kits ultimately help businesses carry out better meetings with smarter rooms.

Key Features

Poly DirectorAI Smart Camera

The Poly DirectorAI smart camera makes every call feel like a face-to-face meeting with a wide view of all participants, and auto tracking and framing on the current speaker. This ensures everyone is seen, delivering an inclusive meeting experience.

Poly NoiseBlockAI & Acoustic Fence

Gone are the days of interrupted discussions. Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence work synergistically to block out sounds and eliminate distractions, keeping everyone engaged with crystal clear audio.

HP Mini Conferencing PC

Although sold separately, the HP Mini Conferencing PC works seamlessly with the Poly Studio Room Kits. Built with the 12th Gen Intel Core i7, unmatched power and performance are guaranteed, levelling up every meeting.

Easy-to-Use Touchscreen Controller

Join a meeting, view your calendar, or control camera settings all from the palm of your hand. The touchscreen controller puts you in charge and even allows you to control the meeting manually by disabling automatic functions.

Devices to Support Any Size Team

Poly Studio Focus Room Kit

The Poly Studio Focus Room Kit is ideal for one-to-one meetings. Though it’s the most basic of the models, it still features an incredible 4K camera with automatic framing, a powerful speaker, and beamforming mics. Thanks to Poly NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence, important discussions are never interrupted by background noise.

Poly Studio Small Room Kit

Designed for 3-5 people, consider the Poly Studio Small Room Kit perfect for group projects. The Poly DirectorAI camera features savvy auto-framing and tracking, whilst the mic can pick up sound 15 ft away. Thanks to an integrated speaker, all meeting participants – no matter where they are – can be heard clearly.

Poly Studio Medium Room Kit

Built with the same incredible technology as the Small Room Kit, the Poly Studio Medium Room Kit supports meetings of 6-10 participants. The only differences are the integrated stereo speakers delivering next-level sound quality with virtually zero distortion, and a 6-element beamforming mic designed to pick up every voice.

Poly Studio Large Room Kit

Whilst the Poly Studio Large Room Kit does not include audio or microphone functions, its camera capabilities are unrivalled. Catered to meetings of 11-15 people, the dual lens offers the possibility to view all participants with a wide angle, or get up close and professional with the presenter. Covering up to 25 ft, this model was built to support large businesses with large meeting rooms.

Key Features

SCC and Poly are offering customers an exclusive discount when they secure their first Poly Microsoft Teams Room Kit. With a free remote installation service and 90 days of support, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your team’s meeting potential. Click HERE to learn more about SCC and Poly’s partnership to deliver Studio Room Kits and take advantage of the My First Room offer.

Why SCC and Poly?

SCC and Poly have partnered to provide top-of-the-range video and voice solutions for businesses operating with a hybrid working model. With a goal of simplifying team collaboration and communication, our combined years of tech expertise allow us to offer businesses unrivalled solutions, helping them perform at their peak without setbacks. Get in touch

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