Business Freedom and Flexibility: Samsung Galaxy Book4 Series

SCC has partnered with Samsung to deliver their Galaxy Book4 Series, comprising of five revolutionary products. With such incredible features, they’re the perfect companion for any business professional.  

As the way we work evolves, those harnessing the power of AI will lead the way.

In a world of remote working and flexible hours, versatility is key—for both workers and the technology they rely on. At the same time, AI is becoming more prevalent in the workplace, allowing businesses to boost productivity to levels never before seen.

To remain competitive in these fast-changing times, businesses of all kinds need truly intelligent technology. It’s predicted that AI-powered devices will be in mainstream use across industries by 2025, with 60% of businesses investing by 2027¹. AI laptops will free up employees for more important and fulfilling work, helping businesses maintain both a commercial edge and tight security.

It’s an exciting time for businesses to embrace this new generation of AI-powered laptops—designed to help them work smarter, not harder.

Why Choose SCC and Samsung for Business?

Hybrid working is taking over the world of business. Employees now not only work from the office, but on the go, from their homes or elsewhere. And Samsung has the perfect range of products to support this change. Here’s why:

Welcome to a new era of smarter laptops, introducing Samsung Book4 series for Business

The latest generation of business laptops from Samsung mark a new era of mobile productivity. They’re designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

Samsung’s partnership with Microsoft gives you a new intelligent assistant—Copilot—to help you shortcut daily tasks and boost your machine’s capabilities. With AI freeing up mental space for more important tasks and security matching your fluid ways of working, your Samsung Galaxy Book4 laptop will help you stay ahead of the curve—and any cyber threats.

If that’s not enough, the entire range seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Galaxy ecosystem. This allows you to transform your workspace, transfer and share content seamlessly. Now that’s a true work of smart.

Meet the Galaxy Book4 Series

Enhance the way you work with the power of AI, while staying seamlessly secure and connected.

Galaxy Book4 – Productivity at an unbeatable price

Galaxy Book 360 – Built flexible for the fluid worker

Galaxy Book4 Pro – Heavyweight performance in a lightweight package

Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 – Switch things up for maximum productivity

Galaxy Book4 Ultra – Ultimate performance


The SCC Device as a Service (DVaaS) provides organisations with a cost effective, simple way to be equipped with the latest technology without capital expenditure. It’s an effective way to procure, maintain, and securely manage the lifecycle of mobile IT equipment, DVaaS enables you to shift the high cost of owning and refreshing technology from capital expenditure to an operating expense, with a simple repayment plan that includes all hardware, software, support, and services delivered as part of the solution.

Ownership adds extra support costs and locks you into linear economy. DVaaS helps organisations move to a circular economy, where the devices are refurbished and resold, and IT estates refreshed on a more frequent basis. This gives assets a second life, helping businesses achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aims.

Why SCC and Samsung?

SCC and Samsung have partnered to deliver next-level solutions, complementing the needs of hybrid working. With a focus on impeccable user experience (UX), we strive to deliver solutions that make in-office capabilities possible from remote locations. That includes making sure our customers are secure, productive, connected, maintained, and managed from any device, anywhere.

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