SCC Wins Police Contract to Provide Post-Event Video Forensics and Analysis for Law Enforcement and Security

SCC’s Video Analytics solution – to be deployed across more than 40 police forces in the UK – includes pioneering Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning capabilities. East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit, the procurement specialists working on behalf of the UK police forces, have awarded a contract for post-event video forensics and analysis to SCC. The Video Analytics (VA) solution will provide UK forces with advanced post-event video analytics allowing them to view and analyse large amounts of Mobile, CCTV and Body Worn Video formats to support the prosecution process. This service, which is part of the developing portfolio of SCC Public Safety Solutions, is underpinned by the pioneering SeeQuestor platform. This will provide video ingestion, conversion, case management and an analytics capability including face, body and attribute detection, and subject re-identification. These new capabilities will enable security and investigation teams to find persons of interest radically faster and more accurately than ever before. Furthermore, the service will enable investigating teams to store and organise large amounts of video to assist with the growing challenge of disclosing evidence. Prosecutors and defence teams can be given a secure link to trial-ready reports, the supporting video casework, and original footage. Video analytics is often called ‘the third forensic’ (after fingerprints and DNA) by the Police and investigation professionals. In 2016 more than 200 million surveillance cameras worldwide captured 1.4 trillion hours of video. This quantity of data brings with it severe challenges when interrogation and analysis is required in order to obtain a meaningful and productive outcome. This ground-breaking SCC solution provides rapid video search and motion detection over multiple CCTV sources – regardless of camera type, video format, lighting conditions and camera angle. The solution has been developed thanks to ongoing collaboration with SCC’s Strategic Policing Partner SeeQuestor Limited, alongside leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable the turnkey platform to be accessible as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) solution. “This is a highly strategic win for SCC and takes us into an entirely new market of technology service provision”, stated Patricia McIntosh, SCC Head of Police. “We have been able to bring together key innovative partners alongside our own deep portfolio of proven service delivery capabilities, to create a scalable solution that meets the most stringent needs of the UK Police & Security Forces.” stated Daniel Cartter, SCC Head of Innovation. “This is exactly the type of market leading Innovation that will differentiate SCC from our competition and help SCC stay relevant in the fast-moving technology sector. This service, enabled by Deep Learning Algorithms, will form one of many services from the Artificial Intelligence & Innovation Practice,” stated Ian Sherratt, Chief Innovation Officer, SCC Innovation Team. Built upon cutting-edge global research, SeeQuestor has been designed in consultation with leading personel who review video data 24-7. It can deliver results up to 100 times quicker than current technology by combining the processing power of a supercomputer with intelligent software and cutting-edge NVIDIA processors to aid investigations. Henry Hyde-Thomson, CEO of SeeQuestor, said: “At present, investigating officers are only able to view and analyse a small percentage of available CCTV and video footage. Today, we have reached the point where compute power, deep learning, and graphics processing can combine to offer a solution for 21st century police officers. We are delighted to partner with SCC to use ground-breaking analytics to help more police forces than ever before.” The system delivers a toolkit of functionality and efficiency improvements that have been designed to enhance the skills of human analysts and investigators. This enables them to focus their time on other areas of the investigation, reducing precious man hours. Police forces in the UK, USA and Australia have demonstrated SeeQuestor’s ability to review many thousands of hours of video footage in a few days. Discover more about our Public Safety & Video Analytics Service

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