Video Analytics

Radically Faster Video Intelligence

The SCC Public Safety Video Analytics Service uses artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to identify elements of interest in large amounts of video footage.

The service has application across many sectors such as Policing and other Public Sector and Commercial Security teams.

There are few, if any other such comprehensive services in Britain designed to assist in forensic video analysis and therefore this service is of national interest. Other software tools conduct video analytics, but they require extensive programming or deep understanding of underlying algorithms to operate effectively.

The manual analysis of video is very inefficient and time consuming and the opportunity for the human analyst to overlook a person or item of interest is high – this service radically improves the time needed and accuracy to review large amounts of video data, reducing months down to hours.

Key Features

  • View thousands of hours of footage radically more efficiently and effectively
  • Quickly find the ‘Person of Interest’
  • Capture missing crucial information
  • Case Management with Audit Trail
  • Dynamic Mapping (Geo-Location)
  • Motion Detection
  • Face Detection & Attribute Search
  • Face Re-Identification & Face Recognition
  • Person Detection & Person Re-Identification
  • Evidential Chain Management (CPIA)

Key Benefits

  • Error free automated video analysis reporting
  • Reduced time to outcome, from months and weeks, to days and minutes
  • Identify people of interest
  • Search additional attributes such as Male, Female, Glasses, Hats, Short Hair, Long Hair to reduce time to outcome further
  • 64% of criminal cases involve CCTV footage
  • 95% of police believe that video footage is important in convictions
  • 1 CCTV camera generates 168 hours of footage per week
  • Instantly review footage without human intervention
  • Save 3 weeks of staff costs per 1 week of CCTV footage

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