UK Is Now the Most Targeted Nation for Cyber Attacks

The UK is now the most targeted nation for cyber-attacks following a 134% rise in hijacking attempts against British machines and soaring ransomware attacks. That’s according to Malwarebytes’ annual State of Malware report, that reveals UK-bound ransomware has increased by 165%. On a global basis, ransomware targeting businesses also saw a 90% hike over the course of 2017. So, what can businesses do to mitigate against these attacks? According to experts writing for Continuity Central there are three big hurdles that lie ahead for businesses in 2018. Firstly Brexit, which will impact factors such as recruitment, financial market stability and trading; secondly, inadequate IT spend on security provisions, which will need to be stepped up as cyber security threats continue to evolve; and lastly, the growing IT skills shortage. Interestingly, both IT spend and the IT skill shortage points to lack of resource in the sector. A concern which has been voiced by IT security leaders in a recent survey by RiskIQ. The research, which questioned CISOs and other IT security leaders, found that 89.1% of respondents voiced concerns over the growing tide of criminality on the internet. The survey revealed a “perfect storm” caused by a lack of resources and revealed that 67% of IT leaders feel they do not have the sufficient staff to handle the constant siege of cyber alerts. The focus for businesses should be on creating solutions that address the skill shortage long-term. The following steps can be an excellent start:

  • Invest in education – Investment in people is crucial and regular training goes a long way. If you work with an external IT solutions provider they should offer regular support and training to ensure your staff have the right skills and are making the most of any investment in hardware or software.
  • Outsource IT – Whether you are looking to outsource your entire infrastructure or just one aspect of the IT operation, moving the responsibility to an expert means that your staff can focus on up-skilling and adding value.
  • Consider the cloud – Cloud-based platforms can work with your own infrastructure by providing scalable, complex solutions that can easily integrate with legacy systems using an affordable, pay-as-you-use model. That means more money to focus on ensuring your businesses is protected from the latest cyber threats.

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