Cyber Case Study : Wilson James

We are excited to have SCC as our trusted cybersecurity partner, benefiting from their ongoing investment in their Security Operations Centre. SCC’s commitment to evolving their services and providing a strong defence for customers in a complex threat landscape gives us the confidence to move forward.

Darren Salmon – IT Director, Wilson James


Our collaboration with Wilson James began with a funded pathfinder aimed at unlocking the full value of their Microsoft investment. Together, we crafted a Microsoft-first strategy to consolidate their security solutions and streamline their operations.


Wilson James, being a 24/7 organisation, faced the challenge of needing constant protection against new threats that emerged daily. They required assistance in prioritising these threats and optimising their security posture to ensure comprehensive protection across their operations.


During the pathfinder, we presented our MXDR service, leveraging key Microsoft tools. We highlighted the advantages of our 24/7/365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) service, complimented by our threat intelligence expertise, to enhance the data insights gained through the Microsoft ecosystem.

Darren Salmon IT Director highlights the challenges they faced and why they chose an MXDR service.

Why SCC?

Partnerships: Our long-standing Alliances with the world’s leading technology vendors allow us to bring our customer best-in-class solutions.
Expertise: Our team of experts are up to date with the latest technologies and industry-recognised training to ensure our customers receive the best possible service.
Experience: We’ve been trusted by our customers to deliver transformational projects across a wide range of technologies for nearly 50 years. As a highly certified & aligned Microsoft Solutions Partner, SCC are also on the Early Adoption Programs for both Copilot for Microsoft365 and Copilot for Microsoft Security.

Our Accreditation:

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